How to add preheader text to email (and why you should)

You know the slightly grayed out text that shows up after the subject line when checking emails in your Gmail account or on your phone? That’s preheader text.

Now Rocketmailer customers can control what that text says, which gives you the ability to add content without extending the subject line beyond the cutoff point. It’s great because it can tease the content of your email (and catch the eye of someone scanning their inbox), and then with a little coding magic, it goes away when the email is opened.

Here’s how it works. Just fill out the preheader text field on the Review & send page, and the editor will do the rest! Preheader text is an optional field, so if you leave it blank, inbox previews will simply display the first text in the mailing instead. Depending on how you’ve designed your campaign, this may be the link to the online version of the email, social share tag or the first line of the mailing. But we recommend taking advantage of this real estate by adding content that encourages opens, like a quick, catchy summary or a clear call to action.


The customizable preheader text appears beneath the subject line field on the Review & send page.

It’s that easy! Customize your preheader text, and give subscribers a little appetizer that will make them hungry for your email’s main course.

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