The anatomy of our new Response overview revealed


Enough teasing, we’re ready to show you the goods

You may have heard that we’re completely revamping our Response overview to give you more visualized data and even deeper insights into your email results – all to help you get better every time you send. Your results will automatically update too, which means you no longer have to keep hitting refresh on your browser to see your latest opens, clicks and shares. Just open the new Response overview once, and watch the results roll in.

So what’s it look like, and what’s new about it? Let’s take a look!

1. Mailing Score


The same Mailing Score you’ve been addicted to checking in Metric is now available in the new Response overview.

We’ve taken all of the results that you typically look at (opens, clicks, shares) and rolled them up into a single score that shows how your email did on a 10-point scale. Compare your score against your previous mailings or to the Rocketmailer community average to quickly put the success of your latest send in context. Oh, and don’t skimp on the high fives when you break your previous record.

2. Opens by device


Learn more about your audience by seeing the percentage that opens your email on desktops vs. mobile devices. Every audience is different, so understanding how yours is viewing your email helps you make smarter content and design choices to draw them in.

3. Opens by client

response-page-blog-opens-by-client_1We’ll also show you the percentage of your audience that opens on different email clients (e.g. Outlook vs. Gmail vs. Yahoo, etc.). It’s no secret that every email client renders a bit differently, so having this info will help you see which client you should spend the most time designing and testing for to make sure everything looks great.

4. Click map


The click map shows you where people are clicking within the context of your actual email. The larger the circle, the more clicks there were on that link. And if you hover over a circle, you can see the exact number of unique clicks on that link.

The coolest part? You can toggle between desktop and mobile views to see how your subscribers engage with your email on different devices. Are most people clicking on images or text links? Video or the call-to-action button? The click map shows you at-a-glance, and that’s why it’s our favorite part of the new design.

Editor’s note: We released the new Response overview to all customers on August 19, so log in to your Rocketmailer account to see your mailing results in a whole new way. 



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