New features from Rocketmailer to help with GDPR

The Product and Engineering teams have been working hard to make sure that Rocketmailer is GDPR-compliant, and today, we’re excited to walk through those new changes inside your Rocketmailer account.

GDPR-ready signup forms

Consent is a huge priority defined under the GDPR and the regulation’s text clearly defines how consent can and cannot be given. As marketers, we’re used to using the term “explicit”, but the GDPR lays out a set of conditions for informed consent that reinforce your subscribers’ rights and puts specific obligations on the shoulders of you, the data controller.

When it comes to your signup forms, that means:

  • Making it clear exactly what they’re signing up for. No more pre-checked checkboxes.
  • Including an easy-to-find link to your online Privacy Policy located right on the form
  • And letting them know they can unsubscribe at any time

With that in mind, we’ve added some new options to signup forms to help you gain consent from your subscribers.

What’s new:

  • All-new email authorization and tracking authorization consent fields that can be customized with your own messaging
  • And a new customizable Privacy Policy field to let you link out to your company’s Privacy Policy

These changes are included for both Lightbox popup forms as well as our classic static signup forms.

The Manage Preferences page has also been updated so that existing subscribers can manage their tracking preferences. The options that display on this form will match the options you choose to include on the signup form.

Updates to the contact record page

Under new GDPR guidelines, data subjects — in this case, your subscribers — have the right to: transparent information about your processing of their data; deletion, correction, portability of their data; and the right to restrict or completely revoke consent for future processing of their data, including objection to any automated decision making that may be in place based on their personal data.

So with that in mind, we’ve added some functionality to Rocketmailer that makes it easy to respond and act on your subscribers’ requests.

What’s new:

  • A new Tracking Consent toggle lets you enable or disable tracking pixels on a subscriber’s contact record. If tracking is disabled, the subscriber will still remain an active member and will continue to receive any mailings sent to them, but you won’t be able to see any of their behavior typically tracked: like opens, clicks, forwards, and shares.
  • New Export and Delete functions. The new Export function bundles up all of a subscriber’s data into a shareable CSV. And now, when a subscriber is deleted from the Archive, all of their data is permanently removed from our platform, including their mailing response data and all personal data you have stored about them.

Note: The Delete function will remove all of a subscriber’s personal data within Rocketmailer and any systems connected to app, but that subscriber’s data could exist elsewhere. If you have provided a subscriber’s personal data to Rocketmailer as a part of a Support or Professional Services request, please contact for assistance.

Content of this article provided courtesy of our friends @Emma

GDPR and Rocketmailer: an overview and product changes

Keep in mind, this material is provided for your general information and is not intended to act as legal advice. To fully understand the impact of the GDPR on your business, please consult with an independent legal or privacy professional.

What is the GDPR?

The European Union’s new privacy law – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – will come into effect May 25, 2018. This new regulation will apply to the data of all individuals residing in the EU, no matter where their data resides (i.e. if you’re sending from South Africa but have recipients in the EU, that means you). This new regulation is part of a broader effort to ensure consistent and enforceable legal requirements across all Member States to protect the right of any EU individual to privacy and the security of their personal data.

To repeat: YES, the GDPR applies to you if you collect, record, organize, store, or perform any operations on data related to those who live in the EU — even if you are sending from somewhere else.

Does GDPR affect your email marketing?

Among its goals, the GDPR seeks to add accountability to the practices of data controllers and processors. What does that mean, exactly?

controller is the one who “determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data.”

processor is one who “processes personal data on behalf of the controller.”

A controller is you (and possibly us), and a processor is us when you send emails via our application. While there are other options for lawful data collection and processing, for marketers, consent will be the strongest and the most familiar way to achieve this.

What do I need to do to become compliant?

You’ll need to adhere to some of the same best practices you’re used to, plus a few more. While we recommend you consult with a legal and/or privacy professional to understand the full scope of your obligations under the GDPR, here are some tips that might be helpful for fulfilling your compliance obligations:

1. Update your signup forms.

The Trust Center provides quite a bit of detail about consent as it’s defined under the GDPR. The regulation’s text clearly defines how consent can (and cannot) be given. Instead of using the term “explicit,” which many of us are used to, the GDPR lays out a set of conditions for informed consent that reinforce the data subject’s rights and places specific obligations on the data controller.

Leading up to the GDPR effective date (May 25, 2018), now is a great time to take another look at the consent you’ve received prior and strategize how you’ll obtain consent in the future under the GDPR’s requirements. This means adding a few new items to your to-do list:

  • Review consent for existing subscribers (no need to re-obtain consent if it was originally obtained in a manner that is in line with the GDPR);
  • Review your consent forms (signup forms) to ensure any new information obtained about an individual is in compliance with the GDPR; and
  • Review public-facing policies around data collection (eg. your online Privacy Policy) to ensure you are transparent about your data collection, sharing, and usage practices and ensure these policies are provided when collecting information via your consent forms.

2. Update privacy notices.

Your subscribers have the right to know how their personal data is being processed by your company, so you should make your privacy policy both easy to find and easy to comprehend.

  • Make sure you explicitly define all processing activities related to personal data processed by you and any third parties processing on your behalf.
  • Provide all information regarding processing activities in a concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible manner, using clear and plain language (avoid jargon and legalese whenever possible).
  • Ensure that your online privacy notices are not hidden, lengthy, or difficult to understand.

3. Operationalize ways to respond to your subscribers’ requests.

Data subjects—(in this case, your subscribers as they relate to your use of our email marketing application)—have the right to: transparent information about your processing of their data; deletion, correction, portability of their data; and the right to restrict or completely revoke consent for future processing of their data, including objection to any automated decision making that may be in place based on their personal data. So, you’ll need to operationalize ways to respond to and quickly address these subscriber’s requests to exercise their rights under the GDPR.

When operationalizing, consider the following:

  • The process for the subscriber to exercise their rights as a data subject should be clear. Make sure instructions for the process are where they’re expected to be and that the mechanism to make the request is easy to use and does not require special knowledge beyond that needed to verify the request.
  • Requests for information may not always be legitimate. As the data controller, you’ll want a way to confirm the identity of the requester so that you’re not disseminating personal data to the wrong person.
  • Responses should be timely and accurate.
  • There may be lawful grounds that prevent you from modifying or deleting, in part or whole, the record. Consider these carefully and fully document your reasoning.
  • Keep your responses to data subjects clear and unambiguous.
  • Make sure a subscriber’s data is in a common readable and portable file format in case they want to store that data elsewhere for their own purposes.
  • You’ll generally have one month to fulfill the request (though there are allowances for additional time under certain circumstances).
  • All steps in the above process should be documented.

4. Begin keeping more comprehensive records.

Keep a record of each of your signup forms, data collection mechanisms, and processing activities. This could be saving the underlying code, a screenshot, PDF, and/or use-case description of any data collection mechanism you’re currently using or use in the future — and it can help you prove the nature of consent between you and your subscribers. As an added bonus, you’ll also be able to take a more critical look at your successes and failures in data collection to improve future practices.

Remember: the tips above are not meant to be legal advice and are in no way a comprehensive standard for ensuring your email marketing program is in compliance with the GDPR.

Content of this article provided courtesy of our friends @Emma

A Newsletter Done Right

  1. If you work in marketing or communications for a restaurant group like Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, chances are good that you’re tasked with sending out a ton of information – restaurant openings, menu updates, event invitations, etc. – in a single monthly newsletter. So how do you format all that content in a way that your audience will actually engage with?
  2. For long-form email newsletters, a single-column design is your best bet. It allows you to control the format of your content, rather than leaving it up to chance when it gets translated to a mobile client.
  3. And if you’re worried about using a single column because it will make your emailtoo long, don’t be afraid to embrace the scroll. Your recipients are already used to scrolling on their mobile devices, and they won’t mind doing so if it means accessing more interesting, valuable content.
  4. Besides, 80% of people are only scanning your email. To optimize for that experience, make sure your newsletter template includes:
    • High-quality images to visually introduce each new section
    • Bold headlines summing up the content
    • A short blurb of copy
  1. Finally, be sure to include easy ways to engage with each section, like a big CTA button with active language. Not only does it make it clear where they can find out more, it’s much easier to tap on a mobile phone than a text link.
You can have a look at our Pre-send check list to see what is a must to include in your email marketing campaigns.
Thank you to our friends @ Emma for this content piece.

Sports Brands Making Use Of Email Branding

Got game?
Great SPORTs brands making use of
Email Branding
Clikit Media, along with our Partner network, work with a variety of sports clubs and associations. Whether big or small, they all benefit from email media. With email media a premier league budget is not required to get your message across. Our sports clients look to their email signatures to:
Promote events, special offers & packages
Showcase successes, awards and recommendations
Increase attendance or participation
Expand and retain membership
Grow social media communities
Secure & showcase sponsorship
Gain insight into recipient preferences and interests
Measure service levels
Effortlessly turn every employee into a marketer by optimizing something that they are already doing – sending emails to members, suppliers and prospects.
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Rocketseed SME partner program expansion

Due to the efforts of our resellers the Rocketseed SME partner program offered by Clikit Media has experienced phenomenal growth during the past 5 years. Lately it has become apparent that there is a very real need from our resellers to offer the Rocketseed service to companies that exceed the mandated maximum of 100 users.

The advent and uptake of cloud based email infrastructure such as Google Apps and Office 365 (as opposed to onsite infrastructure) by many companies has also simplified the process of on boarding larger clients due to the lesser technical requirements.

Clikit Media is pleased to announce that after lengthy engagement with the product vendor we have now received the go-ahead to adjust the Clikit Media reseller mandate upwards to companies with up to 200 users/licenses.

Furthermore there is an opportunity for select resellers to approach and offer the service to companies with totalling between 200 and 1,000. This would be subject to prior approval and a vetting process to ensure that resellers have the capacity to deliver the service according to our required criteria.

For additional information or clarification on aspect of our partner program please contact us on or phone us on +27 (0)21 87 222 80.

Why does email marketing have VALUE

convincing your boss
that email marketing has value
Why should we spend more time and money
on it?
• The ROI on email marketing is 4300% (DOUBLE
that of any other digital channel).
• 66% of online consumers have made a purchase as a result of an email.
• It’s cost efficient.
Can’t we get the same results from social?

• Rather use a channel you already own and control.

• Email is consensual, personal and acutely targeted.

• Social and Email does not have to be in competition
with each other, they can work together to ensure
maximum value.

our “it” does not understand the value of
email, why?
• Get new IT staff who understand what digital
marketing means and what the future holds
for those who won’t innovate.
Will this not be time consuming?
• No, you and your staff already do this on
a daily basis.
Email IS the primary way of communication with your most
valuable audience, customers, prospects, suppliers and partners.
Use this marketing tool wisely!
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Clikit Media provides guidance to a range of best-of-breed new media products and services. Due emphasis is placed on ease of setup, use and management and the delivery of real value and profitability to clients.

The Opportunity:

Looking for a Junior digital/online designer to join a fast growing and dynamic media and marketing services and solutions provider based in Paarl.

The ideal candidate is passionate about design, email and digital marketing, can think on their feet, is motivated, well presented, friendly and super-efficient at managing client expectations. They thrive under pressure, enjoy being part of a team, and enjoy working in a fun, open environment.

Role Summary:

The candidate will be responsible for the creation of email banners & signatures, bulk email campaigns and other varied corporate identity design tasks.

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • Relevant design work experience or tertiary qualification in the design field.
  • Understand and use basic design principles and have an eye for detail.
  • Willing to learn and receive creative direction as this is a specialised design field.
  • Good work ethic.
  • Interpret client requirements and be able to work accurately and consistently to ensure deadlines are met.
  • Excellent time management skills and the ability to cope with multiple projects at any given time.
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • Able to work independently with little or no supervision as well as in a team.
  • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop
  • Knowledge of Illustrator and/or Coral Draw an advantage.
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite – Outlook, Word, Excel etc. and PC literate.
  • Previous experience of email and bulk mail campaign design an advantage.

This is a permanent position based in Paarl.

Please send your CV to

Closing date for applications: 22 April 2016

Shortlisted candidates will be required to complete a design task.

If you have not heard from us within 14 days of submitting your CV, please accept that your application has been unsuccessful.

Why We Click



There’s no magic colour that converts better than others (sadly, not even periwinkle), so pick one that contrasts (think orange on blue) or promotes a certain feeling.

ORANGE: Encourage immediate action. Consider orange if you want people to sign up, buy or join right away. It’s also the colour most associated with cheap or inexpensive things.
Increase energy and a sense of urgency. Try red if you’re running a sale, a limited time offer or selling tickets to an event that’s close to selling out.
Get attention and create low level anxiety. Yellow both promotes positive feelings and causes just enough anxiety to move people to action without stopping them in their tracks.
Build trust and security. It’s the most popular favourite colour in the world and is the choice for brands who want their customers to feel safe and secure.
  Promote growth and relaxation. We all know green means go, which is pretty handy when it comes to CTAs. It’s also easiest for the eyes to process, so it’s often used to relax the mind.

85% of people say colour is the main reason they buy a product.



Rectangular buttons are by far the most popular, but don’t be afraid to test other shapes and sizes if they’ll fit your design.

ROUND: Round the corners of rectangular buttons. Our brains seek to avoid pointy corners.
Bigger is better. It should stand out, but not be so obnoxious that it ruins your design.
Make sure it’s large enough to be easily tappable on mobile phones.
Test out a circular button. It just looks like it’s begging to be pushed.

We recommend a button size of at least 44 x 44px.



USE ACTIVE VERBS: Try words like “Download,” “Get,” “Start,” and “Conflagrate.” (Ok, maybe not that last one.) Passive words create computer couch potatoes. Lead with an active verb to get them up and clicking.
BE SPECIFIC: “Download the guide” is better than “Click here.” Help your audience understand exactly what you want them to do and what will happen when they click.
There’s not a lot of space, so don’t cram in a lot of words. The CTA shouldn’t require Cliff’s Notes. It needs to be easily read and understood at a glance.
TRY USING 1ST PERSON: “Start my free trial” converts better than “Start your free trial.” This is an easy A/B test to try with your audience to see whether 1st or 2nd person works best. One recent study found a 90% better conversion rate using 1st person.

Simply adding “Now” to your button can boost conversions. Make it clear with the copy that your offer won’t be around forever and watch click rates soar.


It’s not just a phone, it’s a Mobile Inbox


Reap the benefits by prioritising mobile design for your newsletter and promotional campaigns.





  • Stick with a simple, single-column layout and embrace the scroll!
  • Use large, readable fonts that are at least 16 px
  • Incorporate a big, bold, attention- grabbing image above the fold.



  • Keep your content short and sweet for readers on the go.
  • Use a responsive template to ensure your emails look great on any screen size.
  • Make sure all CTA buttons are big enough to be easily tapped (at least 44 px squared)



  • Optimise the length of your subject line. iPhone cut them off at 32 characters.
  • The iPhone 6 Plus Mail app displays three lines of preview text. Use Them!
  • Rejoice IOS has terrific support to HTML and CSS in email which limits rendering problems.

OPTIMISING PREHEADER TEXT increases mobile open rates


  • Don’t forget it! Never send “Having trouble viewing this email” again. Please.
  • If your subject line includes a CTA, use preheader text to include more details.
  • Make sure the from name, subject line and preheader work together so subscribers know what to expect.



  • Front-load subject lines and preheader text with value in case they’re cut off.
  • Apple Mail allows 140 characters for preview text, but Outlook for Mac only gives 55.
  • Blackberry, Lotus Notes and early versions of Outlook don’t display preheader text.



  • Focus your emails on a single subject. They’re much more shareable.
  • Use video. It’s a way to boost your email shares.
  • Target content and segment for small audiences. It makes your email at least 90% more viral.



  • Determine what devices and email clients your subscribers are using most.
  • Optimise your landing pages for a cohesive, mobile-friendly experience.
  • Seriously, optimise everything. 40% of customers having a bad site experience visit a competitor (Google).



  • Split test several subject lines to identify keywords that are open magnets.
  • Try different send times to see if opens spike on certain days and times.
  • Test CTA language and colour options to see what drives more clicks.

List Builder is now fully automated!

graphGrow your newsletter & email marketing audience effortlessly

The average email list churns by 30% every year. Not to worry, we created List Builder! Capitalise on your most trusted communication channel, every day business email, to ensure continuous growth of your email marketing & newsletter audience.


  • Ensures full legal compliance
  • Is hassle free and seamlessly integrates everyday email with your newsletter strategy
  • Includes FREE setup & integration



It’s clear, that unless you’re growing your audience, you’re missing out on a ton of marketing opportunities. List Builder keeps you connected to your customers, prospects & contacts at all times.

To request more information on our List Builder please contact us on 021 872 2280 or email us:

Email Media: 10 cool things

Go beyond signature design! Rocketseed email media can do so much more.

We have rounded up our top 10 cool things your email media can do to drive results using your employee email traffic.

1. Generate real-time alerts to a designated person not just to the sender

As well as alerting the sender about recipient engagement in real time, Rocketseed can also be configured to notify a specific person or team instead. So for example, if you are planning an event, all customer interest can be channelled directly to the person(s) responsible for event attendance.


2. Behavioral targeting – Serve targeted banners to recipients who have previously clicked on a particular message

In addition to the smart rules that determine which campaign is added to an email, Rocketseed can also be used to serve targeted media to recipients based on their previous engagement. This functionality could be used to communicate additional info about a new product in subsequent emails if the customer had previously clicked on “find out more!”.


3. Designate which banner you want to append to your email

Sometimes it’s good to be able to choose a specific message when you suspect that a customer might have a particular interest in a new product or service. Every campaign template loaded in Rocketseed has a corresponding keyword. By using a keyword when they send an email, your teams can determine which of the current campaigns they would prefer to leverage in a customer communication.


4. As well as driving web traffic, a click can generate an email

Rocketseed helps drive web traffic and you can link your email media to any URL – but were you also aware that you could generate a pre-populated email as an alternative option? So if your CTA is requesting a client to “contact their account manager”, an email to the account manager, with a pre-defined subject line can be created from the click – either on the customer’s desktop or mobile phone.


5. Link in real time to RSS feeds

If you have a blog or social media feed that you want to promote, Rocketseed can check regularly for live updates and insert the latest content dynamically into every email.


6. The best of both worlds: deliver a consistent brand experience but automate personalised links

Rocketseed ensures consistent delivery of immaculate branding across your organisation, but can also apply different links behind the scenes. For example, all corporate signatures may have the same LinkedIn icon but, where employees have approved individual profiles, their branding may link to their own pages, whereas for others the icon will link to the corporate profile. Rocketseed personalisation functionality is dynamic and can be fully-automated.


 7. Create dynamic banners where information changes automatically depending on who sends the email or where campaigns can be personalised based on the recipient.

Rocketseed can generate dynamic personalised banners, when you want to make a real impression with your campaigns. This automation can help increase impact and relevance, and also help promote different brands and business units in a dynamic way.


8. Rocketseed integration with Salesforce

New customer insights from your email media can now be integrated directly with contacts in your Salesforce CRM. Engagement from new prospects can also generate leads in Salesforce.


9. Use Rocketseed reporting to gain visibility of your contact surface with key accounts

As well as learning more about your audience and who you are emailing as a business, by using the filters in Rocketseed reporting you can drill down much further into interaction happening with your customers. From an account management perspective, you can see at the click of a button, who in your organisation communicates with your top accounts, and also how many contacts in your key customers accounts are regularly contacted by your business.


10. Enable customers to rate your service, and get alerted to negative feedback immediately

Service rating banners implemented for customer support and/or service orientated staff is a great way to measure service levels and to identify and respond timeously to problem areas.


The anatomy of our new Response overview revealed


Enough teasing, we’re ready to show you the goods

You may have heard that we’re completely revamping our Response overview to give you more visualized data and even deeper insights into your email results – all to help you get better every time you send. Your results will automatically update too, which means you no longer have to keep hitting refresh on your browser to see your latest opens, clicks and shares. Just open the new Response overview once, and watch the results roll in.

So what’s it look like, and what’s new about it? Let’s take a look!

1. Mailing Score


The same Mailing Score you’ve been addicted to checking in Metric is now available in the new Response overview.

We’ve taken all of the results that you typically look at (opens, clicks, shares) and rolled them up into a single score that shows how your email did on a 10-point scale. Compare your score against your previous mailings or to the Rocketmailer community average to quickly put the success of your latest send in context. Oh, and don’t skimp on the high fives when you break your previous record.

2. Opens by device


Learn more about your audience by seeing the percentage that opens your email on desktops vs. mobile devices. Every audience is different, so understanding how yours is viewing your email helps you make smarter content and design choices to draw them in.

3. Opens by client

response-page-blog-opens-by-client_1We’ll also show you the percentage of your audience that opens on different email clients (e.g. Outlook vs. Gmail vs. Yahoo, etc.). It’s no secret that every email client renders a bit differently, so having this info will help you see which client you should spend the most time designing and testing for to make sure everything looks great.

4. Click map


The click map shows you where people are clicking within the context of your actual email. The larger the circle, the more clicks there were on that link. And if you hover over a circle, you can see the exact number of unique clicks on that link.

The coolest part? You can toggle between desktop and mobile views to see how your subscribers engage with your email on different devices. Are most people clicking on images or text links? Video or the call-to-action button? The click map shows you at-a-glance, and that’s why it’s our favorite part of the new design.

Editor’s note: We released the new Response overview to all customers on August 19, so log in to your Rocketmailer account to see your mailing results in a whole new way. 



How to add preheader text to email (and why you should)

You know the slightly grayed out text that shows up after the subject line when checking emails in your Gmail account or on your phone? That’s preheader text.

Now Rocketmailer customers can control what that text says, which gives you the ability to add content without extending the subject line beyond the cutoff point. It’s great because it can tease the content of your email (and catch the eye of someone scanning their inbox), and then with a little coding magic, it goes away when the email is opened.

Here’s how it works. Just fill out the preheader text field on the Review & send page, and the editor will do the rest! Preheader text is an optional field, so if you leave it blank, inbox previews will simply display the first text in the mailing instead. Depending on how you’ve designed your campaign, this may be the link to the online version of the email, social share tag or the first line of the mailing. But we recommend taking advantage of this real estate by adding content that encourages opens, like a quick, catchy summary or a clear call to action.


The customizable preheader text appears beneath the subject line field on the Review & send page.

It’s that easy! Customize your preheader text, and give subscribers a little appetizer that will make them hungry for your email’s main course.

5 reasons why you will love the new Rocketmailer template wrapper

wrapperGood news! Rocketmailer’s template wrapper has been given a brand new, stylish makeover.

So what exactly is a template wrapper? It’s basically the header and footer of an email template that houses all of your email necessities, like the view online link, social sharing buttons, physical address, etc. Here are 5 reasons why you and your audience will love it.

1. It looks great.

The new wrapper has a modern look and feel that perfectly complements your email template design. Plus, it’s mobile-optimized so it looks awesome on any device.

2. Your content comes first.

We’ve moved the view online link and the social sharing buttons from the header to the footer. This assures that the first thing your audience sees in the email and preheader text  is what’s most important to you – your branding and content.

3. The social sharing buttons really stand out.

We’ve made your social sharing buttons larger and given them a more prominent space in the wrapper to help them stand out. Plus, they’re designed to be easily clickable on mobile devices so your audience can quickly share your message when they’re on the go.

4. Learn more about your audience.

By unifying the look and feel of the preference panel, it is easier for your subscribers to not only share your email, but also manage their email preferences. This helps you gain
valuable insight into how your subscribers interact with your email so you can maximize the impact of future sends.

5. It’s available on all gallery templates.

The new wrapper has been added to the entire gallery of free Rocketmailer templates.

Why you need email security now!

Clikit_website_01In today’s electronic world, email is critical to any business being competitive. In most cases it now forms the backbone of most organisations’ day-to-day activities, and its use will continue to grow. As email becomes more prevalent in the market, the importance of email security becomes more significant.

An inbox full of spam can be quite aggravating. But spam can be more than a mere irritant. It often carries malicious software. And, in the guise of legitimate offers from real companies, spam can direct unknowing employees to websites that silently deposit malicious files or viruses. New email viruses are released almost daily – any one of which can spread throughout your company within minutes.

In South Africa malicious e-mail traffic is amongst the highest in the world and so is the phishing rate.

  • one in 178 e-mails are identified as malicious – putting South Africa in the top four geographies where malicious e-mail traffic is high. Malicious code includes programs such as viruses, worms and Trojans which are secretly installed on computer systems to destroy or compromise data or steal sensitive information.
  • one in 200 e-mails in South Africa are identified as phishing. This high phishing rate puts South Africa second only to the Netherlands.

E-mail born security threats remain a major concern. While individuals and companies may have the basics in place such as antivirus and anti-spyware software, these aren’t always updated with appropriate frequency to keep pace with threat evolvements. This leaves systems vulnerable to newer attacks. Robust, up-to-date e-mail security is as important as it has ever been.

Spam, a bandwidth guzzler and often used as a conduit for malicious code, is also a problem.

  • Globally there is about 30-billion spam e-mails in circulation every day – accounting for 68,5 % of e-mail traffic.

SMEs are often perceived as softer targets because they aren’t likely to have high level security measures in place as larger corporates typically do. The fact of the matter is that no organisation of any size can afford to go bare on e-mail security nowadays. If you’re vulnerable, cybercriminals and scammers will find you.

Securicom’s hosted e-Purifier solution supplied by Clikit Media offers a premium e-mail security and content management service, which effectively protects companies against internet threats coming in via e-mail, whilst ensuring low cost of ownership. SME’s are now able to ensure that they do not remain vulnerable to e-mail threats.

Clikit Media also offers email archiving solutions which we can bundle with our email security offering, ensuring complete email peace of mind.

Contact us now to see how we can safeguard your email communication and ensure that you do not become one of the stats!

What to include in a Design Brief

Clikit_website_02Here at Pixel Perfect Interactive we deliver design services across the creative spectrum and the importance of a solid brief can’t be emphasized enough.

There are a number of basic parts that any good design brief includes. Ensuring that my clients include each of these in their brief makes my job that much easier and simplifies the process which in turn leads to shorter turnaround times and better client relationships.

What is a design brief?

A design brief is a document completed by an individual or organization that outlines the objectives and expectations of the creative project and covers an array of information relating to the organization and message to be conveyed.

A comprehensive, detailed brief becomes the guiding document for the entire design process, and spells out exactly what the design team needs to do and the constraints within which they need to do it.

Below I’ll examine the elements needed for a comprehensive design brief which will hopefully be of some assistance when planning your next creative campaign.

Supply general info on your organization

If you get the below four points right it would give the creative team a great understanding of the current positioning of your organization and the insight gained will be invaluable during the design process.

  1. Why? The “Why” is your reason for existing, the higher cause you believe in and the big problem you want to solve.
  2. How? What are the properties or differences you want to make to achieve your “Why?” and how does this differentiate you from your competitors?
  3. What? This most probably equates to your products or services that you offer.
  4. Who? This is your target market or audience. This should co-exist with what your organization does.


What have you done before in the realm of design? Knowing what you liked or disliked before will give the designer a better view of what you want as a client. Provide existing or past creative for easy reference.

Know your goals

Knowing exactly what you want from you project will help the design team immensely. If we know what you want done, we can figure out exactly what you need. These are the questions that we need answers for:

  1. Why are you seeking design services? Is it a rebrand, or a new company? If it’s a rebrand, why are you seeking to rebrand?
  2. What are your goals? Increase sales, increase awareness etc.

Choose your channels

Not every project is as in-depth as every other. Be precise in terms of the channels you want to utilize.

Different channels require different approaches. Designing for print, web, email, social media etc. are vastly different and require different approaches.

Project Requirements

Do you require the designer uses any specific text, colours or images? Do you have an existing brand guide? If so, supply these details to the designer.


Tell the designer how much money you are willing to spend! At Pixel Perfect Interactive we try and make working out a budget easy by creating packages around particular price points.


Set a realistic deadline for the project that both you and the design team agree upon. Remember, there are many stages to the design process, each taking time and resources away from the designer and yourself to dedicate to each phase of the design process (Brief, Research, Concepts, Feedback etc.).


If you address all the points in this article you will find that it will most surely make the process a lot easier. Take your time in creating the brief as the more information that you put into the document, the quicker the end result will be ready. For easy reference, I have summarized the above in a quick reference guide which you can view here.

Halo Media
Thinus du Plessis is the Managing Director of Pixel Perfect Interactive which delivers a multi-layer blend of design, print and online marketing services backed up by innovative technology solutions.
Thinus has been actively involved in the IT and Marketing industry for 16 years and is passionate about finding the right answers to transform brands and build business for his clients.

Heartbleed SSL Vulnerability Mitigation


A serious security flaw has been detected in the OpenSSL protocol used to encrypt web-based communication including email, banking and other sensitive web applications. We are taking proactive steps to ensure the security of our email media applications.

Before the vulnerability was detected on April 8, passwords for sending and receiving email, as well as for access to secured websites, banks and social media could have been compromised. In the case of your email media services, only outbound email passwords are at risk, but the problem is potentially much wider. The original software flaw was introduced two years ago in shared libraries used by a majority of web servers worldwide.

We have applied software updates to the servers that host all our customers’ outbound email traffic. We recommend that you change your passwords on all sensitive Internet applications.

We deem the security risk low for users of email media. We make these recommendations in an excess of caution, and to ensure that you are aware of the widespread nature of this risk. Please check with your other service providers to learn more.

It’s important to point out that this vulnerability affects almost all encrypted communication on the Internet, not just your email media application. Any service that uses OpenSSL is potentially affected.

Our technical support staff are prepared to work with you to update the outbound email passwords used when sending branded email media.

Please get in touch if you require any assistance or further information.

Clikit Media


Here at Clikit Media we set the bar pretty high when it comes to our extreme activities (as well as our service levels I might add!).

South Africans are notoriously immune to danger and we just love pushing the limits, however, there are some people – some on our staff, actually – who just like to take it up a notch.

When you have colleagues with nicknames such as Willeklong, Panga, Powerman and Sarge, it should probably be an indication of the type of specimen we’re dealing with. Ah, and yes, let’s not forget to mention that our petite female account manager enjoys taking her Subaru around the track whenever she feels like some relaxation. We’re sure you get the idea . . .

We were recently directed to an article, 5 Extreme Office Sports, featured on Quite excited at the prospect of some fresh ideas to spice up our office existence, we duly headed off to see whether there were any new tricks for us old dogs. To say that we were disappointed is putting it mildly.

Maybe we’re not quite the audience they intended to reach – after all the Clikit Media males are not quite the type to be interested in male grooming products (and frankly this shows). In a quick survey among male staffers, it came to light that Panga still uses the Aqua Velva aftershave he got from his grandmother for Christmas in 1992 and Willeklong admitted that the only thing he ever applies to his skin is camo paint when heading out for some paintball fun. The question about hair care products was obviously wasted on Powerman, since he already went bald in the latter years of his high school career and Sarge still shaves dry.

In view our collective disappointment and the general consensus that the office sports listed in the article didn’t quite live up to its title, we’ve decided to compile our own list of extreme office sports. Here goes . . .

Clikit Media’s 5 extreme office sports

1. Monday Morning Meds Madness1

Sure to spice up those all too frequent Monday blues – but take heed, this is (literally) not for the fainthearted.

Mondays – when we generally suffer from the weekend’s accidents and excesses – are the perfect days to partake in this, since chances are that you’re taking some form of meds or supplement to counter your misfortune.

The rules:

Each person puts their own meds/supplements in pre-numbered containers and it is then redistributed via a quick “number draw”. Participants then proceed to take whatever gets allocated to them.

Winner: Anyone lucky enough to draw any form of anti-depressant.
Loser: Laxatives are never fun . .

2. The Shining2

Named for the acclaimed Stephen King novel (and subsequent film by Stanley Kubrick), in reference to its psychological horror inducing qualities, this activity has been known to cause long term damage on various levels. It’s similar to staring into the sun.

The rules:

Find the nearest photocopy machine and place face on glass top. Proceed to make a copy while keeping eyes open and staring straight into the light emitted by the copier. The actual print copy will confirm whether participants actually abided by the rules.

Winner: Anyone able to distinguish outlines within the hour.
Loser: Ends up with solar retinopathy.

3. Janitor Jousting3

A slight variant on the combat in which two knights on horseback attempt to unhorse each other with blunted lances . . . this is an old favourite!

The rules:

You will need two each of the following: String mop, bucket and office chair on wheels. Each participant puts a bucket on his head, arms himself with a mop and mounts his chair. The participants then move towards each other (under own power or assisted by a chair pusher) in a straight line and attempt to dislodge their opponent from their chair with the “mop lance”.

Winner: This really calls for an elimination knockout tournament with the winner of each contest progressing to the next round until ultimately only two “knights” remain – setting the stage for an epic showdown of mop skills.
Loser: Many, but ultimately a broken nose or dislodged tooth might take the cake.

4. Wheel of Fortune4

Just the thing to hone your balancing skills. We recommend you wear some form of head protection for this one.

The rules:

Contestants are placed in an office swivel chair and continuously spun around for 30 seconds*. The objective is to get up from the chair and run towards the nearest exit in the shortest possible time. Contestants could find it a tad difficult to stay on the right path and drunkenly veer off in a direction not quite in line with their objective.

Winner: The contestant that reaches the target in the shortest space of time.
Loser: Let’s just say we’ve recently had to replace two dry walls and a water cooler. But, this was small change compared to the cost of contestant’s reconstructive surgery.

* Some contestants don’t quite make the 30 second mark before getting sick. Immediate disqualification and participation in Stapler Roulette should be enforced in such instances.

5.Stapler Roulette5

A firm favourite among those individuals with a penchant for piercing – but it scares the living daylights out of the rest of us.

The rules:

Get six staplers and six participants together. Preload ONLY one stapler with staples. Participants each choose a stapler and place their hands in the staple position. A rules official then proceeds to bear down on the first stapler. If the particular participant received a “blank” then proceed to next participant.

Winner: Well, there will be five relieved winners actually.
Loser: Obviously someone will be the lucky recipient of a brand new double puncture wound.

Please note: This is a parody and not be taken seriously. Clikit Media does not accept responsibility for any person crazy enough to actually attempt this (apart from our staff, but they were forced to do it). For those who do and survive, we would like to hear from you and may even have an opening on our staff for one more crazy individual. Send CV and photo proof to

Are you in a state of mobile denial?

Clikit_phone_01The one question that business owners should not be asking anymore is “Why do I need a mobile site”. Unless of course if you are not concerned about losing out on a growing number of new customers and revenue every day.

The stats and facts showing ever increasing mobile usage and purchase decisions related to mobile is undeniable, but just thinking about your own personal mobile usage and behavior should supply ample proof that no mobile site equates to lost business.

More than 90% of visitors abandon websites not optimized for mobile. Combined with the following stats and facts it simply means that you are not really open for business without a mobile website.

South African stats:

  • Mobile penetration has reached 128% in South Africa and there are more active SIM cards than there are people in this country.
  • The average South African internet user consumes 6.2 hours of media daily, using their mobile devices more than 30% of the time.
  • 80% of South Africa’s internet users are using only their mobile phone to access the internet, with 14% using both mobile phone and fixed broadband.
  • South Africa ranks 5th in the world for mobile data usage.

Global stats:

  • There are 6.8 billion people on the planet of which 4 billion own mobile phones.
  • Mobile phones outnumber PC’s at a ratio of 5 to 1.
  • 73 percent of smartphone users say they used the mobile web to make a purchase instead of using an app.
  • 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action.
  • 74% of people use their mobile phone to help them while shopping, with 79% of these making a purchase as a result.
  • 95% of smartphone users have used their phone to search local business information. After doing so, 61% called and 59% visited.

If not yet thinking mobile, the time has surely arrived for you to start taking full advantage of mobile as a growing source of new customers and revenue. Not doing so will undoubtedly be a decision you will regret.

Why you should NOT use Email Archiving

archive-imageThere are various advantages to hosted email archiving – legal compliance, business continuity, less clutter, reduced costs, comprehensive search – to name but a few. But maybe you’re a fearless maverick, and none of those things matter to you. So for all the rebels out there, here are our ten best (tongue-in-cheek) reasons why you should not use email archiving:

1. You have no interest in your Intellectual Property.  Secrets are meant to be shared, and information wants to be free.

2. You love playing hide and seek…with lost email. Locating critical lost email is your favorite use of IT resources.

3. Money grows on trees. Why reduce IT expenses? Why not continue to pay hefty hardware and personnel costs to ensure adequate backup of your emails?

4. Employees never leave. In fact, they never do anything wrong. They never accidentally or purposefully delete emails.

5. The proof is NOT in the pudding. Of course a court of law will take your word as to the contents of that email agreement. Proof? But surely your word is good enough…

6. All your staff are IT gurus. Of course you can place the onus on your staff to ensure they have a centralized record of all their email communication. Geniuses – each and every one of them.

7. You have NEVER had a device failure. No PC or tablet used in your company has ever expired (or will ever in the feature) and subsequently you have never struggled to access your past email communication or to keep communicating while you replace your hardware device.

8. Your email content is not important. Why bother. You’re a social media expert and send all the really important and sensitive communication such as agreements and quotes via facebook and twitter.

9. Time is not money. Benjamin Franklin got it all wrong. There is no time value to money. Spending many hours on sorting, searching and retrieving important emails is your favorite pastime. It’s not like it’s keeping you from other important tasks – such as building your business.

10. You’re a thrill seeker! You love the threat of burdensome litigation, lost email and inaccessible data.

If any of the above reminds you of yourself, then you probably don’t need email archiving. But if these examples made you smile and then cringe (and we sincerely hope they did), you should consider integrating affordable, accessible MailVault email archiving to your hosted email.

MailVault is a smart, simple and reliable email archiving and retrieval solution, specifically designed and structured with the small business in mind. With MailVault, companies have a central archive of all email communication for ten years.

Please contact us for more info.

Why mobile optimised websites is a “must have”

The use of mobile devices has skyrocketed and will continue to do so. Any business not adapting their digital environment to cater for this runs a very real risk of becoming obsolete or at best losing ground to their competitors.

IPHONESupporting Stat 1: Mobile users will surpass desktop users before the end of 2014

Take a moment and think about how you use your own smartphone or tablet. Odds are that you’ve frequently visited websites that you couldn’t easily read or interact with. You might be clicking through from an email, viewing a video or shopping, but if the website doesn’t respond to your mobile device you’re gone.

Supporting Stat 2: Eighty percent (80%) of mobile users abandon a website if it isn’t optimized for mobile.  

Social Media is here to stay and most businesses have a social media strategy in place. A lot of what is happening on social media is about supplying fans and followers with industry related news and useful information about product or service offerings. More than likely this includes relevant links to website content or media.

If your website is not mobile-ready, you are missing out on the interaction and decisions that your fans and followers are making in real time via a mobile device.

Supporting Stat 3: Sixty Five percent (65%) of social networking occurs on a mobile device.

In many cases, websites catered to mobile devices also have the added benefit of boosting traffic generated from search engines. A well-designed mobile website can help improve Google search rankings, as the search engine gives precedence to mobile-friendly pages.

Supporting Stat 4: Google has publicly stated that mobile websites are given a boost in mobile search.

Bottom line, mobile devices are changing user behavior. If your website isn’t mobile-ready, you’re not getting seen, and if you’re not getting seen, you’re losing a large portion of your market.

Many small businesses are hesitant to create mobile optimised websites, thinking they will have to create new costly platforms from scratch. Clikit Media has a simple and cost effective solution available for SME businesses looking to bring their websites into the mobile fold, making it easier than ever before to go mobile by optimising your current website for the mobile environment.

Contact us now to find out more about our cost effective mobile optimised website.

Clikit Media hosts successful POPI workshop

popi_small_bwThe Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) recently signed by the President has set conditions for how personal information is processed.

A lot of uncertainty in the marketing industry as to what the impact will be on electronic communications prompted Clikit Media to arrange a workshop on this complex law.

John Giles from Michaelsons, one of the leading IT lawyers in South Africa presented an overview of POPI  to thirty of Clikit Media’s Cape Town based resellers. The workshop, which was held at the centrally located Colosseum Hotel, was well received by all and feedback received points to it having clarified various areas of concern for the attendees at large.

Clikit Media will gladly assist with POPI compliancy queries or questions relating to electronic communication.  Contact now >>

You’ve Got Meal competition

clikit_youvegotmeal_blog-banner_01_11We know that you’re pulling 25 hour days working on your brilliant communication and email campaigns, so we thought we’d replenish the energy reserves by sending you a lekker lunch…mahala…for free…gratis!

We will be giving away DAILY lunches till end November and sending it to your office!

Here’s how to enter…

All you need to do is:

  1. follow us on Twitter (@ClikitMedia)
  2. tweet us your meal of choice and include hashtag #youvegotmeal and the link to this blog post


“@ClikitMedia BURGER #youvegotmeal LINK”

You can choose one of these 3 meals:

  1. Cheese Burger
  2. Salad
  3. Chicken Wrap

**Note that if you win on the day, we will require you to forward us an email (newsletter/promotion etc.) campaign or email branding example that you are currently working on or have executed previously.

The competition will run from 8am SAST on 21.10.2013 and will finish at 5pm SAST on 29.11.2013.

We will pick daily winners at random and will contact them via email.

**Terms and Conditions apply.

Clikit Media partners with Securicom to offer comprehensive email security and business continuity solutions to SME’s


Clikit Media, a distributor of best of breed marketing and new media solutions to the SME market has partnered with a specialist provider of managed IT security solutions, Securicom to distribute Securicom’s comprehensive email security and content management solution, ePurifier, and its robust email archiving and business continuity service, MailVault, in Southern Africa.

Clikit Media’s well-established distribution channel incorporates partners across the media, marketing and information technology landscapes. Focusing exclusively on SMEs, the company provides advice, and cost effective products, solutions and strategies to help businesses grow.

Securicom’s powerful email solutions are a good fit for Clikit Media which is well represented in the email media and electronic marketing fields as the exclusive distributor of the Rocketseed suite of products to the SME market in Southern Africa.

Henry Jonker, Managing Director at Clikit Media says, “Securicom’s email solutions are a great fit within our product portfolio and allow us to complement our innovative email media and marketing offering with effective security and archiving solutions. With Securicom, we can answer the growing demand from our customers for effective email archiving and security. Both of which are crucial for any company which leverages email as a business communication and marketing tool.

He says they are now able to offer this at pricing levels which are affordable for all SMEs, whereas previously they found that cost implications resulted in most SMEs not being able to implement these crucial business communication continuity and management tools.

Commenting on the partnership, Securicom’s Richard Broeke says, “Securicom embraces a partner model to develop solid competencies within a network of credible partners that enable companies to activate and leverage technologies to optimize their business.

We are excited about working with Clikit Media to extend our suite of email security and archiving solutions to small and medium sized companies in South Africa. The company has a sound reputation for delivering value-adding business solutions and strategies, and their experience within the SME sector will complement our existing channel.

5 ways you can make your emails look great on a mobile device

Everyone’s talking about mobile email right now, but with all the talk, it can be hard to know where to start. Never fear – we’ve got five easy tweaks you can make to your next email campaign to ensure it looks great on screens big and small.

  1. Shorten your header. A simplified header that’s 50-100 pixels in height looks just right on a mobile device.
  2. Enlarge your text and buttons. Body copy should be about 14 pt and buttons should be 45 pixels. That keeps everything fingertip friendly.
  3. Choose your images wisely. Bold images with a single focus render great on mobile devices.
  4. Think about the next step. Make sure you’re linking to mobile-friendly sites. You don’t want to create dead ends for your email readers.
  5. Streamline your layout. A single-column layout works best for mobile. If you like two column layouts, just use a responsive template in your Rocketmailer account! You can have your sidebar on desktop views and we’ll automatically create a single-column layout for folks who read it on mobile.

Why does mobile design matter? Here are just a few statistics to mull over:

  1. 43% of all email gets opened on a mobile device
  2. Mobile opens are up 330% in just the past two years
  3. By 2017, 78% of email will be opened on a mobile device

Let us know if you have any questions, and we’ll gladly assist.

Rocketmailer now integrates with SurveyMonkey!

Connect your accounts for one-click access to the leading online survey tool

If you’re in the business of creating online surveys to collect feedback from customers, volunteers, and colleagues, then you’re probably one of the 15 million people who rely on SurveyMonkey. Well, we’ve got great news! Now in Rocketmailer, you can connect with your SurveyMonkey account and have one-click access to surveys you can link to right from your mailing. It’s the easiest way to send your survey invitation in style.

This new integration is just one of the many ways we’ve streamlined workflow in the new drag & drop editor.

When you’re creating a mailing there, use the toolbar to link a bit of text, and you’ll see a new option to link to SurveyMonkey.

More on SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is the world’s largest survey company, helping customers collect more than 1.5 million online survey responses every day. SurveyMonkey revolutionizes the way people give and take feedback, making it accessible, easy and affordable for everyone. Customers include 99 percent of the Fortune 500, academic institutions, small businesses, HR departments and neighborhood soccer leagues everywhere.

With 15 different survey question types to choose from, an intelligent question bank and flexible survey templates, SurveyMonkey makes it easy for you to engage with your audience by asking the right questions in the right format. Whether you want to gather feedback from a recent event, collect customer satisfaction data or just learn more about your audience, Rocketmailer + SurveyMonkey can help you get it done in style.

Rocketmailer’s signup forms get a few new features

Build better opt-in forms with more customization and notifications

It’s time to highlight a few new features that we’ve added to Rocketmailer’s signup forms, those helpful little screens that connect to Rocketmailer and allow new subscribers to join your email list.

Quite simply, they’re more flexible than ever.

Customize your forms

We’ve always wanted to make sure you can customize your signup forms to collect the member information you need, whether or not you have web development skills. That’s why it’s easy to add your company logo as well as collect first and last names, company name, birthday and more using Rocketmailer’s signup forms.

Did you realize your account comes with unlimited forms? Your forms can be posted anywhere you’d like – on your website, on Twitter and Facebook, and in your email branding, for example. And if you create separate forms that filter to unique groups in Rocketmailer, you can keep track of how many new subscribers are joining from the different locations.

Now, let’s talk about the new features that make signup forms even easier to build and manage.

Share details with new subscribers

When you build your signup forms, it’s important to consider the subscriber experience. Put yourself in your subscriber’s shoes, or at least in front of their computer. When they sign up, they’re likely thinking some (or all) of these things:

  • I’m excited to hear from you. What content can I expect to receive?
  • How often will you send me emails?
  • Will this process be simple and quick? Can I change my mind later?

It’s a good idea to share answers to these questions atop the signup form itself. It instills trust and encourages your visitor to click submit, rather than abandon the form.

But don’t stop there. Now that you’ve wooed them, use the form’s thank-you page as an opportunity to win them over. We’ve included a WYSIWYG editor to allow you to type a simple thank-you message. Or, use our new re-direct option to send folks to your website or to share a link to downloadable content, a coupon or your features page.

With the freedom to take new subscribers anywhere you’d like after signup, we’re empowering you to begin engaging with audience members right away.

Give folks the ability to manage their email preferences

You’ve always been able to customize the confirmation message that folks receive in their inbox after signing up. (You can even turn that confirmation message off, if you’d rather replace it with a welcome autoresponder.)

Now, we’ve added that same customization to the manage preferences message, the email that existing audience members receive when they re-visit your form to update their contact information. It’s a nice way to tailor the experience to new and existing members alike. And if you don’t want Rocketmailer to send the manage preferences message, go ahead and turn it off.

Track it with Google Analytics

Now, not only can you add Google Analytics tracking to your email campaigns, you can also add it to your signup forms. Simply plug in your Google Analytics ID on the tracking tab of your signup form, and you’re all set to begin tracking how new subscribers start interacting with your site. The reporting lands in your own Google Analytics account rather than on your Rocketmailer response page, which means website data is kept consistently in one place.

Receive real-time notifications

Once you have your signup forms set up to collect new subscribers, you’ll want to keep up to see who’s new. You can do that by logging into your account and viewing recent activity on your audience page. Or, you can set up email notifications to get a heads-up every time someone subscribes. Our new feature allows you to choose your frequency, in case you’d like to be notified weekly or monthly, rather than in real time. You can also add up to three email addresses to receive notifications, so it’s easy to send to someone else in your office, too.


We hope you’ll put these features to work as you continue growing your email audience. If you have questions along the way, we’re here to help.

Please contact us if you require any additional info on the above. We will gladly assist.

Google Analytics tracking to your email campaigns

Track visitors to your website that arrive from Rocketmailer links

We’ve connected Rocketmailer to Google Analytics! Now you can track visitors to your website who clicked on links in your Rocketmailer emails.

How to connect an Rocketmailer mailing to Google Analytics:

If you already have a free Google Analytics account, connecting your Rocketmailer mailing to Google Analytics is a piece of cake.

  1. Create your mailing and get ready to send. On the send page, you’ll see a field for Google Analytics.
  2. Simply type the campaign name that you’d like to show up in Google Analytics. (It may be a good idea to use the same campaign name you’ve given it in Rocketmailer.)
  3. After you’ve sent the mailing, log into Google Analytics and find it in the Campaigns section of your Traffic Sources.
  4. Now you’ll be able to view the visits to your site from your Rocketmailer mailing — and easily compare the data to other marketing campaigns.

Helpful tips

What happens under the hood to the links in my campaign to make this possible? 

When you enter a Google Analytics campaign name on the send page, Rocketmailer automatically adds parameters to each of your mailing’s links, such that:

  • utm_medium = “email”
  • utm_source = “newsletter”
  • utm_campaign = {the campaign name you’ve applied}
  • utm_content = {the link names applied while creating the campaign; not present if you didn’t fill in link names}

If you’re familiar with Google Analytics, you can dial into these link parameters in your Google Analytics account.

Can Rocketmailer recognize and track multiple campaign links to the same URL?

Yes, if you provide a name for your link when you first create it, that name will be added as the “utm_content” parameter. If you have multiple links going to the same target, you’ll be able to tell them apart in Google Analytics, as long as you gave them each a name.

Go Green – Go Fax2Email

Although Fax2Email is not a new concept, it is still very much relevant. With the very high importance placed on being less wasteful and reducing our reliance on the earth’s natural resources, Fax2Email has many advantages over the historic manner in which we received faxes.

Fax2Email allows for significant savings on paper, toner and equipment maintenance. Reducing costs while also reducing your carbon footprint makes this the one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever have to make!

Clikit Media will facilitate the transfer from your existing fax number to free individual Fax2Email numbers for you and your staff by creating and adding the numbers to your existing email business cards at no cost.

Have any more questions? No problem. All the info you need is right here.

The process is quick and hassle free, so why not get in touch and implement today

5 reasons why you should enable social sharing in your email campaigns

Adding social media icons to your email campaigns with Rocketmailer’s social sharing feature takes just a few seconds, but it can increase your campaign’s reach and help you identify your most avid followers. Who knew all of that could be as simple as pushing a couple of buttons?

If you’re new to this whole email plus social networks thing -or if you know your way around Twitter and Facebook but just aren’t sure whether you want to try Rocketmailer’s social sharing feature – take a look at the reasons why we think it’s worth doing.

1. Harness the reach of social media

A single share can be really powerful because of the number of followers that one email recipient can reach. How powerful could this be, you ask? Well, according to research the average Facebook user has in the region of 250 friends. Quite simply, that means that every 1,000 email subscribers represents a potential audience of 234,000 people! (Actually it’s exponentially more than that because shared content can be shared further once it’s in the network.)

2. Share the idea of, well, sharing

You may have readers who are already active on social networks and just haven’t considered how their followers and friends could benefit from your content. It’s a simple idea, but adding the icons to your emails helps connect those dots for your audience members who just haven’t thought to share your campaigns with their contacts.

3. Grow your email list

This may seem obvious, but when your content is shared on social networks, it’s typically being shared with a group of people who share common interests, so it’s already likely relevant. With that in mind, we’ve made it easy for them to sign up from the landing page if they’re interested in getting future emails from you. So not only might your email get shared … but you might also gain new subscribers.

4. Pave a road that’s already being travelled

Even if you haven’t seen it, your recipients might already be sharing your content. Emma’s social sharing icons simply give them a shortcut to doing it easily.

5. Pinpoint your most loyal fans

Having your audience share your content is quite an honor, of course, so you may want to provide something special for those people who regularly share or help you spread an important message. Check out your response page in Rocketmailer to see who’s sharing, and on which platforms, to see who your most loyal fans are

Please contact us if you want to find out more about the Rocketmailer bulk email solution, or email marketing in general.

Hermanus Huisamen | director of business development


When’s a good time to send your email campaigns?

We’re often asked when the best time to send email campaigns might be, and if there are days or times to avoid. While there’s no magic send time, there are a few commonly held notions about the timing of email campaigns. Remember that your best chance of getting people to read and respond is during the first few hours after delivery, so making sure your emails arrive when people are most likely to be in front of their computers (and paying attention) is the real key.

With that in mind, mailings that go out Tuesdays through Thursdays have traditionally fared a little better than mailings that go out on Mondays or Fridays. On Mondays, people are arriving to overflowing inboxes and a full to-do list. On Friday, it’s a simple matter of math, as some of your audience will have headed out early for the golf course or the cocktail bar.


Here at Clikit Media, we also try to avoid late night/early morning mailings in general. That’s because we know first thing in the morning, people are sifting through a multitude of emails, and a serious email somewhere in the middle of all that clutter is too likely to get lost in the shuffle.

Other factors, of course, come into play. Like the timeliness of your message, the geography of your audience (are they in one time zone or several?) and the habits of your subscribers (do they check email at work or at home, and how frequently?). Some factors are out of your control, such as how quickly servers deliver your emails to their intended recipients. Most of your emails should arrive shortly after you send, but in some cases you may have stragglers that aren’t delivered for hours or more (which is why you’ll always want to budget several hours for your entire mailing to arrive, and even more time for larger mailings).

So as much as we can all try to find that perfect window of delivery, our advice is to avoid less-than-ideal mailing times when you can, let the timeliness of your message help determine when you send, and use your Rocketmailer response tracking to see how different days and times affect your response rates. To that end, in addition to telling you who opens your campaigns and who visits your website, we also tell you when they opened and clicked.

Please get in touch if you have any other questions or queries relating to email campaigns. We are always available to assist.

The Clikit Media Team

Categories of Email Marketing: A Brief Description

We often find that when mentioning or discussing email marketing, there exists a perception that this only relates to bulk email, such as promotional mails or newsletters. This is in fact not the case.

Email can be divided into three distinct categories, being

Although different in purpose, all three of these categories can and should be optimized to assist in your marketing efforts.

Everyday Business Email

These are the daily emails we send to customers, prospects, suppliers and partners every day using our email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, Macmail etc. Typically this communication would be directed to a single recipient or possibly a few recipients and the content would be very personalized.

It has been proven that users place a very high priority on business email communication (trusted sender / trusted recipient) and as such deliverability and open rates are just about 100%. Often overlooked by companies in their marketing budgets and channel selection, everyday email ticks all the boxes required to achieve marketing success and a superior ROI. Not only does every company own and control this medium, it is also relatively inexpensive to optimize this channel.

Bulk Email

Bulk email is when one email is sent to multiple recipients, typically by the hundreds to thousands at a time. The bulk of the content would be very generic in nature, with only certain portions being personalized, such as the greeting line etc. The recipient must agree to receive such emails; opt-in is mandatory. Unsolicited bulk email is known as SPAM.

Examples of bulk emails would include newsletters, promotions and surveys. Bulk emails stimulate your clients and leads and if used correctly it is a great way to deliver your value propositions to clients and prospects alike.

Transactional Email

This is usually an email which contains information in relation to an action (or inaction) that a customer or subscriber has performed. Examples of transactional emails would include order or booking confirmations, invoices, statements and various other forms of notifications.

Obviously these types of emails can be critical to the recipient (think of an order confirmation or proof of purchase) and as such a very high priority is placed on deliverability. Precisely because of this, companies are aware that optimizing this channel to include marketing messages, ensures a very high engagement rate from recipients.

The two categories of email marketing that is most relevant and most used by SME businesses are Bulk Email and Everyday Business Email. Both of these categories deliver a very high ROI and if used in conjunction with each other are even more effective.

Business Email Bulk Email
Average Open Rate 90 – 100% 15 – 25%
Brand Impressions 90 – 100% 15 – 25%
Trigger Sender Sender
Relation One to one or one to few (limited recipients) communication One to many (unlimited recipients) communication
Dynamic Advertising Real-time Monthly Push
Lead Generation Real-time & immediate Monthly Pull
Reach Only limited by number of emails sent by company staff as part of normal business communication Delivery and open rate dependent on content, subject line, recipient interest, filters and timing
Cost Limited Unlimited
Low monthly or annual license fee for use of technology that enables medium. No cost per email. Cost per email sent.
Message Personal and targeted. Generic. Endeavoring to be relevant to all recipients.
Effortless and at no additional cost. What staff does daily in any event. Needs to be conceptualized, created and managed on a per campaign basis.
Versatility Advertising campaigns Newsletters
News & PR Promotions
Social Networking Surveys
Service rating
Corporate ID
Case Studies & Testimonials
Lead Generation
List Building
Cross and upsell
Measurability Real-time click-through notifications Real-time response data
Multi-level report extraction Opens, click-through rates, shares and more
Google Analytics integration
Brand and Campaign Impressions
Recipient Interests
Targeting Can apply and schedule targeted marketing message and/or banner to: Segmentation of recipient data
•  Individual senders & recipients Filtering across all recipients data according to specific criteria
•  Domains
•  Departments
•  Date and timeslots
ROI 85% of all business correspondence takes place via email. Recipients place higher priority on business email communication, ensuring superior deliverability of your marketing message. Arguably the most effective, cost effective and measurable marketing channel available. Very high ROI in comparison to other channels. Recipients welcome email from companies and brands that they trust and which supply relevant content. Used correctly, bulk email can and will add significantly to any companies bottom line. A regular pattern of relevant bulk email will help insure that your brand name and product offering stays at the front of your potential customers' minds.

Please get in touch if you require any further information or clarification on any of the above. We are always available to assist and advise.

Hermanus Huisamen | director of business development

Social Media: A meeting place rather than a market place

The majority of businesses misunderstand the context of customer relationships when using social media and attempt to do the hard sell rather than seeking to engage and connect with customers. Businesses need to proactively use and market their social presence with platforms like Facebook and Twitter, ensuring social interaction with both existing and new potential clients at large.

In my opinion, the primary rule of social media interaction is less “selling” and more “engaging”. Through engagement people gain confidence and trust in a company or brand and will naturally feel more comfortable in doing business with them at some time in the future. This alone gains favour in potentially converting a non-customer into a long term loyal one.

One just has to follow some of the biggest brands and observe their social strategy. These brands post less about their products and services and more about topics of interest that help customers get to know the company’s people and ‘personality’.

Social Platforms like Facebook and Twitter essentially provide a company with their own broadcasting network. Simply put, engaging with customers is of paramount importance. It is no longer enough to limit your online presence to a website containing your contact details such as an email address and contact number. The social revolution has created the expectation that people want to interact and engage with businesses via their chosen means of communication, be it Twitter, Facebook, a forum or any other social platform adopted by them.

Historically a customer experiencing a positive or negative interaction with a company would share this in conversation with colleagues, friends, relatives and acquaintances. This word of mouth sharing would take days or even weeks reach a limited audience. With the advent of Social Media, a customer can distribute this information to friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter in minutes. Reaching a much larger audience and through the sharing function available on these platforms a sentiment about your company can go viral in a matter of minutes!

Come Alive are great believers that businesses (big or small) should have a place for social media. Ensuring the maximum exposure on these platforms is crucial. Email is the primary and most trusted method of communication for all business. By using Clikit Media’s Rocketseed Mail branding solutions, linking to these platforms is simple, cost-effective, less intrusive and always in sight of the email recipient.

One of our customers, who operates two franchised branches of Harvey World Travel (one of the largest travel groups in the southern hemisphere), makes use of Rocketseed Mail to standardise their branding for all staff. They also promote their Facebook pages within their branding, thus affording customers the opportunity to engage with them via social media at their convenience in a manner that is non-obtrusive yet effective. We have found this to be a highly effective manner of promoting these pages!

Sheldon Marais is the owner and Digital Master at Come Alive, a Digital and Online Marketing Solutions group. Sheldon is a highly knowledgeable digital marketing strategist and social media guru with a wealth of experience in helping businesses of all sizes build and establish their digital footprint. 

Is your Rocketseed Mail branding all that it can be?

The Rocketseed Mail solution incorporates a host of features enabling users to optimize their everyday email communication. Very often we find that our clients are not considering all the features during the conceptualization and design stages and thus not capitalizing on all the benefits of the product.

In light of the above we thought it might be apt to highlight some of the elements that we feel can add value to your email branding and marketing efforts.

Banner Management

Rocketseed Mail’s main feature is its multifaceted banner management system. Every time you send an email, your banner will appear when the recipient opens his/her email. Banners are interactive and can click through to web pages, landing pages, downloads or any other linkable online resource.

Rotational banners

The Rocketseed system has the ability to deliver a different banner with every email you send. You choose which banners you want to associate with your emails and the system chronologically assigns a different banner each time you send an email.

Tip: Feature each of your products or service offerings on different banners. For each email that is sent, a different value proposition is displayed.

Schedule your campaigns

Banners can be scheduled in advance and you’ll never again forget special days, public holidays or religious events. Schedule the banners to run in advance or concurrent with current or upcoming specials, events and product launches.

Tip: Schedule banners for seasonal and festive greetings, such as Valentine’s Day, Spring Day, Christmas and New Year at the start of the year and avoid the last minute rush to implement campaigns.

Differentiate with Banners

Rocketseed Mail allows for different campaigns to be implemented for relevant subsets of email senders, resulting in targeted and relevant marketing from these groups.

Tip: Service rating banners implemented for customer support and/or service orientated staff is a great way to measure service levels and to identify/respond timeously to problem areas.

Banner assignment by recipient

The Rocketseed Mail rule sets also allow for assignment by recipient. Thus you are able to assign a specific banner to any recipient or even a specific domain.

Tip: Implement banners for internal communication by assigning to your own company’s domain. In this way you are able to deliver relevant information to internal staff only. Upcoming changes in the group or information on new products or services are examples of information that is easily and effectively shared this way.

Signature Elements

The signature component within your emails is the info hub, and apart from containing the obvious and essential business card details there are various other elements that can be incorporated / activated.


A great way to allow recipients to save your contact details without the hassle of retyping everything. Recipient clicks on the “save my details” link and immediately all the contact details are saved in their address book or contacts folder on their PC or mobile device.

Social Media

If your company is actively pursuing a Social Media presence, then this a great way to get those “likes” and “follows”. Simply incorporate Social Media links in your signature and ensure that recipients are easily pointed to the right platform to engage with you.

View Map/Get Directions

If customers/clients visit your premises this is an easy way to direct them. Supply a link to a platform such as Google maps or to a directions section on your website. If you have more than one branch or location this can be individualized.

Audio and Video

The options are unlimited; and video tours, pod casts, instructional videos or even your latest adverts are suddenly at your clients’ finger tips. The benefits of engaging on this level are well proven.

Showcase associations, affiliations, partnerships and awards

Create trust and confidence in your brand by ensuring your email recipients are aware of your standing within your industry and the successes you’ve achieved.

Newsletter registration

The importance of newsletters as a marketing tool is well established. Ensuring that you expand your subscriber base is crucial and an easy and effective way of doing so is by incorporating a “newsletter registration” link in your emails. Not only is the recipient informed as to the existence of this service but it also allows for hassle free subscription.


Supply links to documents such as brochures, catalogues, application forms etc. Host these on your website or use a free platform such as Dropbox.

Apart from the above there are various other elements to incorporate to your advantage:

  • Photo Signatures (Very relevant in the real estate industry)
  • QR Codes (Allow smartphone users to engage with multimedia digital content)
  • RSS Feeds (Automatically publishes and updates news headings from a blog or website in your emails)
  • Testimonials (If someone thinks you’re great at what you do you should share it!)
  • Social responsibility (Causes or campaigns you support)

Please contact us if you require more information on any of the above. The Clikit Media team will gladly assist!

Hermanus Huisamen | director of business development

Inovocom uses Rocketseed Mail to “communicate with confidence”

Inovocom operates two of the largest independent office supply dealer groups in Southern Africa, Office Active and Office Club. Stationers belonging to these dealer groups are independent businesses who are able to offer their customers the benefits of dealing with a national supplier, while retaining the personal touch of an independent local business.

Inovocom supports the independent dealers with tools to enhance their business, which generally they are unable to afford on their own or implement from a time or technical point of view.

One of the successful tools that Inovocom has introduced across the group is the Rocketseed Mail solution by Clikit Media. This has allowed Inovocom to add significant value to stationers’ email communication. All the email communication is branded along the theme of the stationer’s annual catalogue and is updated regularly. In addition, rotational banners highlighting current specials, events and new product launches are also implemented frequently.

“The signature banners go a long way to enhance traditional printed catalogues and flyers. With over 70 000 catalogues being made available in the South African market, the email signatures expose the catalogue to an even greater degree than just the printed copies. This not only adds value to the stationers, but also to suppliers / advertisers displaying their products and brands in the Office Products catalogue. The consensus among the stationers is that Rocketseed Mail not only enhances their brand recognition but also effectively creates a marketing and sales opportunity with each email sent.” – Craig Noyle, Director Inovocom

While Rocketseed Mail  allows for multiple interactive banners (1) and web links (2) to drive web traffic (3), publish promotions (4), market products (5), showcase affiliates (6) drive social media engagement (7) and newsletter subscriptions (8) the system also provides the stationers with standardised signatures (9) and disclaimers (10), ensuring central brand control and legal compliancy.

Halo Media
Inovocom was founded just over 4 years ago to offer the office products industry a specialised marketing solution. Most stationers find themselves in a position unable to compete against the national suppliers , both from a cost point of view and a time point of view. Inovocom offers marketing solutions to independent stationers , allowing them to focus on running their business , whilst they enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive catalogue , Ecommerce solution , email marketing , email signatures and many other solutions.

Why you should not send bulk email from your PC

The importance of newsletters / bulk email as marketing tools is well established. Other forms of bulk email, such as promotional mailers and surveys have an equally important role to play in your marketing efforts.

If you are sending bulk email campaigns using your everyday email client, then please think again! You could be doing more harm than you know.

I’d like to give you an overview of why it isn’t a good idea to send bulk emails via your everyday email client, such as Outlook/Mac Mail or webmail, such as Gmail/Hotmail and why using a bulk email platform is a much better idea.


The international and South African legislation with the most impact on email marketing practices of companies in South Africa is:

  1. CAN Spam Act of 2003 (USA)
  2. European Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive of 2002.
  3. Electronic Communications and Transactions Act no 25 of 2002;
  4. Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008;
  5. Protection of Personal Information (PPI) Bill (B9-2009)

Marketing via email without contravening the laws that regulate email marketing is crucial. If your IP addresses or domains are blacklisted by ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) or international Anti-Spam groups your deliverability drops remarkably. In terms of South African legislation you can also be prosecuted for not complying with the relevant legislation.

So what should you do to ensure you are compliant, follow best practice and protect your sender reputation?

  1. Ensure you provide the consumers on your email database with a reliable and easy to use opt-out mechanism. If your subscriber opts out on one of your direct communication channels he should be removed reliably from all of your databases. It is the company’s responsibility to ensure that a consumer’s details are removed from all future direct marketing attempts.
  2. Keep record of and upon request provide the recipient with details of where you obtained their information. Keep a record of all recipients that opted out of receiving email marketing messages, and ensure that they are not sent any future communication.
  3. The CPA makes provision for the establishment of a “Do Not Contact“ registry. Although not yet active, once this is available your email system will need to query this registry on a regular basis and preemptively block all sending to addresses on this list.
  4. Spell out all terms and conditions of service – as well as conditions for any promotions or competitions – in clear and uncomplicated language. Provide a simple summary of the applicable terms and conditions and then also provide the full long winded legal explanation as well. Make sure there is nothing unexpected hidden in the full terms and conditions that is not highlighted in the plain language summary. Provide an easy to find link to the terms and conditions of any offer.
  5. Only send out direct marketing messages in the allowed time periods. Direct marketers are prohibited from contacting consumers during the following times:
    1. Sundays and Public Holidays
    2. Saturdays before 9am and after 1pm; and
    3. All other days between 8pm and 8am.

Complying with the above best practice is hardly possible making use of your everyday email client. At best the time and effort required to perform this “manually” would severely burden the sender.

Using a quality bulk email solution ensures that you are able to effortlessly comply with the stipulated requirements.


One word: SPAM. We have all experienced the frustration of receiving unsolicited emails. Many tools have been created in an attempt to combat it. Disgruntled recipients can now report any email they receive as SPAM, which results in the sender’s IP address and/or domain being blacklisted. That means not being able to send any emails until this is reversed – not something that is easily accomplished.

If you send email from your everyday email clients you are at greater risk of being reported. Using a third-party service such as Rocketmailer avoids these risks, as they are whitelisted with all major ISP’s and have various controls (checking spam scores, proofing your newsletter and checking the validity of links) in place to ensure optimal delivery rates.

Server Load

An everyday email client is great for sending and receiving individual emails. However, it is not designed for sending large bulk email campaigns.

If you compose and send an email to a large database using Outlook you will place strain on the server which handles your outgoing email. Effectively all the emails will be queued for delivery, resulting in slow delivery rates of not just your emails but also those of all other senders making use of the server. To counteract this, most ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) have controls in place to prevent customers from sending out too many emails in too short a period of time. They can achieve it by setting email send limits on a per day, per hour or per number of recipients basis. Any emails exceeding this setting total will be discarded.

Most ISP’s view breaches of send limits in a very serious light and will most probably suspend your email flow or slap you with an additional bandwidth charge if repeat offenses occur.

Most bulk email solutions make use of multi-threading, which allows for multiple deliveries simultaneously. This ensures that you are able to deliver thousands of emails in a very short space of time.

Brand consistency and appearance

With multiple email clients utilized worldwide, the appearance of emails will vary considerably. In other words, the way in which you viewed it when composing the message in your everyday email client might differ vastly from the way in which the recipients email client renders the email. The way that the appearance might be affected varies and includes stripping or resizing of images, publishing links in the email body, altering font  or sizing and various other issues which could alter the email.

The obvious result is that you’re not getting your message across in the professional manner that you had hoped for, and in some cases the brand damage and adversity created can have serious implications on your bottom line.

Making use of the template editor in Rocketmailer, allows for much more consistent rendering of your emails across all email clients. Rocketmailer also incorporates a feature whereby the email can be viewed online.

Tracking your campaign success

Tracking your campaign’s success is not possible using an everyday email client as it is impossible to find out if someone has opened the email or clicked a link within the body of it. Utilizing a reputable bulk email solution will enable you to view and export a detailed analysis (showing bounces, open rates, click tracking etc.) of your campaign after sending, giving you the insight to manage your database, responses and future campaigns effectively.

Data Management and Security

Using your everyday email client or spreadsheets to manage your subscriber and/or campaign response data is at best an arduous task. Now imagine losing that data if your PC fails!

By making use of a bulk email solution you can be safe in the knowledge that your data is secure, only accessible by authenticated means and is available wherever you have web access. Intuitive and easy to use tools allow for hassle-free data management within the platform.


There exists a perception among some individuals and businesses that making use of a bulk email solution is a costly exercise and for this very reason they continue to utilize their everyday email client for this purpose.  Yes, it may cost a tiny bit more, but the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Because of the intuitive nature and ease of use of the Rocketmailer solution, time spent creating an email campaign is significantly reduced and as such drives productivity. The features inherent within the platform ensure that your campaign will have a much bigger reach and success rate when compared to your everyday email client campaigns.

In closing, it should be realized that email marketing is not just about getting your product offers in front of consumers’ eyeballs. It’s also important to provide consumers with brand interaction that’s both valuable and enjoyable. In order to ensure good results from your email marketing, it’s imperative to use a quality bulk email solution.

Please contact us if you want to find out more about the Rocketmailer bulk email solution, or email marketing in general.

Hermanus Huisamen | director of business development

Winelands Dental and Clikit Media – Smiles all the way!

Winelands Dental is a dental and aesthetic practice based in Stellenbosch and under the leadership of Dr Louis van Niekerk. Dr van Niekerk has built several successful practices in South Africa and the United Kingdom whilst continuing his post graduate studies.

Using the latest technology, Dr van Niekerk offers a comprehensive aesthetic and dental experience that is in line with his exacting standards. Integral to this experience is the communication between Winelands Dental and their patients.

The Rocketseed Mail and Rocketmailer solutions offered by Clikit Media ensures that Winelands Dental is able to optimize all email communication to patients, ensuring not only aesthetically pleasing and informative emails, but also ensuring legal compliance on every email communication.

“Our Vision is to provide professional Dental and Aesthetic Services of the highest quality to all our patients. The Rocketseed Mail and Rocketmailer solution by Clikit Media allows us to convey this in all our email communication, every time. We believe that to be the best we need to partner with the best. Clikit Media was the obvious choice for our email communication needs.”  – Dr Louis van Niekerk

Winelands Dental makes use of Rocketmailer (newsletter solution) to convey informative and relevant information on procedures, promotions and general health related content to patients.

Everyday email communication is optimized with the use of Rocketseed Mail, allowing Winelands Dental to include multiple interactive banners (1), web links (2), signatures (3) and disclaimers(4) to publish promotions (5), drive web traffic (6), newsletter subscriptions (7) and promote different service offerings (8).

Both Rocketseed Mail and Rocketmailer deliver full analytics, allowing Winelands Dental to measure the success of their campaigns.

Newsletters: What are bounces?

Bounces: emails / newsletters that were kicked back as undeliverable by the receiving server

Before an email can reach someone’s inbox, it has to be accepted by the host server. Emails that are rejected at the server level are called bounces, and there are two types:

soft bounce is usually more temporary in nature: an overflowing inbox, a temporary server problem, etc. Soft bounces remain in your active list and will be tried again the next mailing. If they fail to get through for four consecutive mailings, soft bounces are then moved to the Rocketmailer error bin.

hard bounce indicates a more serious delivery issue: the recipient’s address is invalid, the server is rejecting your email as junk mail, etc. Hard bounces are immediately moved to the Rocketmailer error bin of your list for you to deal with accordingly. They won’t be emailed again unless you re-activate them.

Because servers can bounce an email back for any number of reasons, you’ll want to scan your campaigns’ bounce reports for people you know are reachable, and then follow up accordingly.

The Importance of Newsletters as a Marketing Tool

Newsletters are an extremely valuable marketing tool used by ourselves as well as by our customers.

One of the most important tasks for a business is to maintain contact with its customers. Developing a newsletter program with a solid audience will prove to be a very important marketing asset for the duration of your company.

Think about how on any given website you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a visitor before they are gone forever. Developing a strategy to attract new customers and retaining existing clients is crucial to successful marketing. Maintaining a company blog is a great way to get your personal message out to many viewers. But a blog is a passive effort, meaning a user must navigate to it in order to get the message. Transforming a passive blog into a pro-active newsletter program is a logical step.

If you don’t have a newsletter, here are ten reasons you should:

  1. To increase awareness. Your newsletter should give enough information to create awareness about what you are offering your customers. People should get a good idea of how it would be to deal with you, or to buy your products, so that when they leave, they will feel compelled to find out more.
  2. Position your brand. You should create the best first impression about your products or services on your newsletter. Customers tend to use your marketing and communication tools to form a impression of your business. Newsletters are an extremely strong marketing tool to differentiate businesses from one another.
  3. To get more business from current clients. A newsletter is an effective way to let clients know about your other services and show them how they can benefit from those services, without being to “pushy”.
  4. To get repeat business from former clients. People who used your services or bought your products once will purchase again–when they’re ready. A newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with them until they are.
  5. To educate prospects. A newsletter that provides prospective clients with valuable information helps them make better decisions, allows you to demonstrate your expertise, and provides a mechanism for staying in touch with them until they are ready to hire you.
  6. To generate word-of-mouth referrals. Newsletters have pass-along value. A good newsletter will be shared with an average of three other people, even more online.
  7. To build your contact list. You can offer visitors to your web site a subscription to your newsletter in return for providing their email (and other contact information). When speaking or networking, you can offer to send your newsletter to people who provide you with their business card.
  8. To establish expertise and credibility. Your writing helps prospects, publishers, reporters, meeting planners, and referral sources see you as the expert you are.
  9. To provide content for, and traffic to, your web site. Your newsletter can drive traffic to your web site or blog. Your newsletter content can be re-used as content on your web site or blog, generating additional traffic from search engines and social media.
  10. To shorten the sales process. People who respond to your newsletter are better informed about what you do and pre-sold on your ability to do it, in contrast to people who come to you via advertising.
  11. To serve as a networking tool. Your newsletter is a tool to reach out to other professionals. You can interview them for an article, conduct a survey, ask them to write an article, or ask permission to put them on your mailing list.
  12. To add value to your services. A newsletter can provide an added benefit for clients. Give clients “subscriptions” or added value to current services or discounts on products. Put a price tag on the newsletter but send it free to current clients.

By using Rocketmailer as online mailer system, we have accomplished all of the above for all our clients. It is a great tool to manage mass e-mail campaigns with high reaction rates. A newsletter requires an investment of time, and possibly some capital, but the return on that investment can be substantial. If you want to grow your business, a newsletter is one of the most highly leveraged marketing activities you can do!

Halo Media
Ben van der Westhuyzen is the founder of Succeed Group. 

Succeed Group provides specialized strategic marketing management services to leading professional service firms all over South Africa.

Ben is the author of a range of text books in marketing management and has gained valuable experience as marketing manager and national sales & marketing manager for well–known corporate brands and companies in South Africa.

Kim Ikel & Clikit Media: Partners through trust

Kim Ikel has gained success and respect as a certified and professional Life & Business coach. Specialising in training, workshops and coaching – the results have been commendable and labelled as ‘life-changing’.

Building rapport and a sound trust relationship with clients from inception is vital in a Coaching relationship. The Rocketseed Mail branding & marketing tool undoubtedly underwrites this principle. In the process of coaching individuals and companies toward success, a dynamic brand profile is a definite benefit.

Immediate trust and brand elevation is ensured through the Clikit Media product, and Kim, who coaches Sales & Management teams as well as Business owners, has the following to say:

“In certain professional arenas, such as Business & Life coaching, branding is of the essence. The Rocketseed Mail product has mastered this and personally I have experienced a strong default marketing component through this product. Who and what I recommend is a case of principle, and I will recommend the e-mail branding and other products provided by Clikit Media with conviction”

Kim Ikel makes use of multiple interactive banners (1), web links (2), signatures (3), client testimonial (4), social media integration (5) and a legal disclaimer (6). The Rocketseed Mail solution also delivers full analytics, allowing Kim Ikel to measure the success of the campaigns.

Exciting changes coming to Rocketmailer!

Starting very soon, you’re going to notice a few changes to our Rocketmailer platform. I thought it might be helpful to provide a bit of context around what you’ll see and how it will affect your Rocketmailer experience.

Clikit Media is all about providing great technology products, backed up by our dedicated team delivering the best possible customer service to our clients and partners alike.

We are sure that these changes will enhance the product experience for all our Rocketmailer users.

So what’s all the change about? Well, over the past year or so, the team behind Rocketmailer have been:

1. Building an entirely new email editor, replacing our intuitive but fairly inflexible editor with a slick  drag-and-drop editing experience that makes it much easier (and fun?) to create fabulous email campaigns. Whether you use one of the new, hand-crafted templates in our Template Gallery or a custom design, our new editor gives you the tools to create stylish, professional-looking campaigns that represent your brand.

2. Creating a brand-new template design gallery to complement our custom design services. It’s a collection of more than a hundred really smart, readymade design templates that will expand over time and make stellar design instantly available to all. The gallery will allow you to instantly add templates to your account and customize most of them on the fly with your own brand colors and logo. (Of course, custom design will still be available with even more personalized service.)

3. Adding more smart marketing features, such as expanded social sharing, subscriber notifications and Google Analytics integration.

4. Re-architecting Rocketmailer’s underlying platform, so that it performs better (read: faster) as we grow and includes an API layer that sets up Rocketmailer to integrate with lots of other great marketing products and services.

These changes will be rolled out to our clients and partners very soon! Please feel free to contact us if you need any clarification on the above or have any other questions you need answers to.

Thanks so much for being part of the Rocketmailer journey with us. Entrusting us with even a small part of your brand and business is a big deal, and it’s a responsibility we truly take to heart.

Hermanus Huisamen | director of business development

Ryk Neethling Swimming Schools (RNSS) and Rocketseed Mail – A winning combination!

Ryk Neethling Swimming Schools (RNSS) operate at various venues across South Africa. It is important for Ryk and his team to deliver, not only consistent branding on all their everyday emails, but also to communicate relevant information effectively to recipients.

The centralized control and compliancy that Clikit Media delivers via their patented Rocketseed Mail solution made Rocketseed Mail the obvious choice to fulfill this need.

By inserting targeted and measurable campaigns into every business email, RNSS have optimized their most trusted form of communication – their everyday business email.

“As a four time Olympian I understand the importance of consistently performing at your best and measuring your success. The Rocketseed Mail solution by Clikit Media allows us to do just that on our everyday email communication, staying one stroke ahead of the field.”
– Ryk Neethling, Managing Director RNSS

RNSS makes use of multiple interactive banners (1), web links (2), signatures (3) and disclaimers (4) to drive web traffic (5), publish relevant information, integrate social media (6) and promote sponsors and associates (7). The Rocketseed Mail solution also delivers full analytics, allowing RNSS to measure the success of their campaigns.

Are you ready for mobile? Your customers are…

In digital marketing, the golden rule is to always start with what you own, make it work harder and better for you, and then expand.

Self-owned media includes your website and email. You already know that using every day email branding is a powerful marketing tool to drive traffic to your website, social media platforms and newsletter subscriptions.

But, and this is a big BUT, did you know that up to 35% of emails get opened on mobile?!

Given statistics and consumer behavior across the globe, it would be safe to say that, 2012 will probably turn out to have been the year of mobile. Most of the big brands either already have a mobile Web presence or are launching their mobile websites while you are reading this.

Scrolling up and down and from left to right and zooming in and out on websites not optimized for mobile usage is a real pain in the neck. And I’m sure that you – just like me – and 99% of all mobile Web users (according to research) have abandoned such sites, purely because they are impossible to navigate.

So, imagine the seamlessly positive experience you can offer your clients and prospects if they could just breeze through from their email on mobile to your optimized mobile website.

Put some QR codes into the mix and your marketing possibilities, incorporating your mobi site becomes endless. Including QR codes in your print adverts, brochures and business cards bring these seemingly static hard copies to life, and allow your clients instant access to your mobile website.

In Africa alone, there are more than 650 million mobile users and globally, 40% of mobile users are browsing the Web on their handsets.

Optimizing your website for mobile today – and doing it the right way – will give you a real advantage over your competitors. Plus, it will show your valued customers and site visitors that you are doing everything within your power to make THEIR lives easier and provide them with an enjoyable and positive browsing experience.

I know time and money are your most precious commodities, but fast and affordable mobile conversion solutions now exist and your business and brand can be at the fingertips of millions of prospects on mobile within 24-48 hours.

Your clients and prospects may be abandoning your website on their handsets as we speak . . .

Halo Media
Anna Pauw is head of media and communications at and is dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses to perform optimally through purpose designed marketing and management business solutions.
Facebook: The-Media-Genius

Clikit Media integrates Rocketseed platform with Office 365

With the growing popularity of cloud based technologies for the business community, Microsoft has recently launched Office 365 in South Africa.

Office 365 is a line of collaborative Microsoft Office-like tools that users can access on the web, including Exchange server and Email application. This is an attractive option for businesses that don’t want to have the overhead of managing their own environment, nor be bound by the restraints imposed by providers of Hosted Exchange services.

This is good news for users who would like to route their email from their Exchange server to an email archive, mail scanner or email branding / marketing third party service provider. Office 365 Enterprise Edition makes provision for adding SMTP connectors to their cloud based Exchange server, allowing users to specify the 3rd party provider of their choice.

Clikit Media is proud to confirm that its Rocketseed Mail platform is fully compatible with this new technology and we have successfully tested and implemented several clients within this environment and look forward to enabling branding for many more!

Please get in touch should you require more information on how to integrate Rocketseed Mail into your Office 365 environment.

Protect your online reputation

Online reputation management (ORM) has become critical for most companies or establishments in their public relations strategy. With the advent and entrenchment of Social Media even more online conversations are happening today. At this moment, are you aware of what is being said about your brand or your company?

Whether right or wrong, what is being said online will undoubtedly have a major influence on how others perceive your company. I am of the opinion that online reputation is one of the biggest dangers for any company’s future success.

A negative review or comment about your business can cause serious damage online. Your reputation is everything. Trust, credibility and the value you offer are essential on the Web. One negative review or comment can destroy the trust you’ve spent years building and drive away potential customers.

The question is how to set up the right strategy to help protect your brand from negative influences? Dealing with these issues on behalf of clients on a daily basis, I have put together some pointers which, in my experience, will help you to maintain a positive online reputation.

1. Don’t be caught off guard

Ensure that you are aware of the flaws in your products and/or shortcomings in your service offerings.

Major reputation crises don’t just happen. They’re often caused by company weaknesses that get amplified and exposed.

You might not be able to correct these immediately, but be sure to identify these problem areas, as you can then be better prepared in the event that they become the focus of a negative sentiment or reputation attack.

Various issues can result in customer resentment and make its way onto the Web. Don’t be caught off guard. Know your shortcomings and anticipate the criticism.

2. Expect every little thing might make its way to the web

You should assume that every conversation you have, every memo issued, and every comment you make might be published on the web.

Your company’s online reputation is not just about what you put online, but as much about what others put online about you. The internet has a very wide reach and a negative sentiment about your company can go viral in a matter of minutes. So ensure that your company remains transparent in its dealings with employees and customers alike.

3. Create a great on-line impression

We meet with many groups that suffer from a poor online reputation, only to discover they’re neglecting their biggest asset – their own website content.

Prospective customers, partners as well as marketers and future employees are just a few of the parties that will turn to your own website when determining the reputation of your company. Ensure that they are able to find all the relevant information they would most probably need. It also helps having additional info which they might usually search for somewhere else. Link to reviews of your products and services, publish positive reviews, upload audiovisual elements, and make sure all content is social media shareable.

4. Choose the right social network

While social networks are great for building brand loyalty, you need to be selective in your approach.

Use the social networks where you are most likely to encounter conversations about your company or industry–and then create your social network profile there.

It is also of vast importance that you realize you would have to keep at it. Social Media, even more so than other marketing channels, requires engagement on a regular basis.

Setting up, for example, a Facebook or Twitter account and not actively managing these could in itself result in negative sentiment. By “actively managing”, we don’t mean posting or tweeting irrelevant info just to show activity. Supply relevant content that fits your target audience and respond timeously to requests or comments from you community.

Growing your community on these platforms are vital and your strategy needs to be incorporated across all your marketing channels. One of the most effective channels (regularly overlooked) to drive traffic to your social media platforms is your everyday email.

We use the Rocketseed Mail system distributed by Clikit Media and find it highly effective in growing these communities. (See example below).

If you don’t feel up to the task or don’t have the time to actively manage you should either hold off on Social Media (at your own peril) or contract someone to manage this on your behalf.

5. Google reputation

Google is not just a search engine; it is also a very powerful reputation engine. Where do prospective clients turn to first for information about your company or establishment? Yip, it’s Google.

By creating content with a positive sentiment now, it will ultimately ensure that in the event that negative sentiment about your company is published to the web, it is much less likely to make it to the first page of Google.

6. Monitor your online reputation

The digital highway is a two-way street. Your customers can reach out as easily as you can. And what they say about your company online can have a serious impact on your image.

The Internet affects every company’s reputation. Some companies are cheered as champions of innovation. Others become synonymous with bad customer service. It’s your responsibility to monitor what people are saying about your company and respond when necessary to keep your image in good standing.

There is a multitude of online reputation monitoring tools to choose from, but you need to ensure that the solution is the right one for your industry. We use a software service for our clients that specifically meets the unique needs of the hospitality industry (for more info click here). It ensures that our clients are able to access, monitor and receive reports across various platforms on the web. Invaluable in managing your online reputation!

Another great way of measuring customer service levels is by incorporating “service rating” banners within your everyday email. The Rocketseed Mail system allows our clients to track and respond to feedback in real time, ensuring that they can resolve any negative feedback prior to it becoming an even bigger issue (Example below).

This also bring us to our next point, the need to:

7. Respond Quickly

The moment you become aware of any negative sentiment or reputation attack you should take action immediately. The key is to respond quickly, address the situation and apologize if need be. Take these measures and you should hopefully be able to prevent the situation from getting out of hand.

8. Consistency

Consistency is a vital component for any reputation management strategy. Your clients will forgive an isolated failure, but if you’re not consistently delivering the goods, they’ll find a company that does.

Halo Media
Dorian de Clerck has been in the Sales, Marketing and Hospitality industry for 18 years and is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Active Ice Studio. Active Ice Studio specializes in Digital Media design, development, online marketing and project management.
Twitter: twitter/ActiveIceStudio

If branding doesn’t matter, what’s up with peacocks?

5 ways to maintain a strong brand in a tight economy.

If you are a business, a product, or even an individual, your branding matters. The truth is that first impressions DO count, so creating and maintaining a strong brand is crucial to how you present yourself and your company.

But times are hard and you may be pressed to find budget for developing/maintaining your brand, so we’ve put together a list of things you do can do right now, on a low budget, to supplement your marketing and promote your brand. Like most things, if you set up a good foundation, then you save in the long run.

The key to a strong brand is consistency. Look at Apple Inc., what I call the iPhenomenon.  They were a specialist computer company from the 70’s which were pretty much limited to a select audience. Following a sequence of events in their corporate history, they turned their image around in the late 90’s and reached the status of the world’s richest company in September 2011. Whilst the obvious element here is their product range, how far would they have gone without promoting their “iBrand”?  By keeping it consistent in the minds of their existing clients, the Apple brand become a desirable commodity.

With that in mind, we’ve picked 5 core visual elements which we feel you should pay attention to in order to make your brand go further.

  1. Have a brand guideline. Ideally this should be created by your branding consultant when they develop your logo. Your brand guideline should include all uses for your logo in application (fonts, colours, application etc.) and can go so far as discussing your tone (in articles, image styles and so on). If you don’t have a brand guideline, make your own mini version, and stick to it…
    1. Logo – have one version, don’t deviate from it. Make sure it’s the right quality, in the formats you require and don’t stretch/squash it when using it.
    2. Choose your font: If you are doing this yourself, choose a simple font that all computers will have so that you don’t have future issues or need to worry about font copyrights. We recommend web safe fonts as all users should have them.
    3. Colours: Choose no more than 3 colours and try to resist using more, it might end up looking like a box of crayons! Bear in mind that commercial printers and sign writers use CMYK and Pantone colours, so keeping it simple can reduce costly errors at printing stages later on.
  2. Stationery. Create a good set of stationery; you shouldn’t need to change it frequently.
      1. Letterheads: Printed letterheads aren’t common these days so you can usually have an electronic (Microsoft Word usually) letterhead which is incredibly cost effective and is “green” too. Have this set up properly and have all staff use the same template.
      2. Business Cards: Business cards are a strong promotional item and often the first time a prospective client sees your brand. With digital printing’s popularity, you no longer have to print thousands of cards to make it cost effective; you can now do smaller print runs at a reasonable cost. If you have extra budget, consider your paper and print finish. Our own cards have rounded corners and a spot UV print and generally people comment on them (and in so doing, notice our logo/brand more!)
      3. Email. All too often we see a company with a strong presence, yet they forget about their email branding. You’ll see an email come through with flashing emoticons at the base, a special message for the day and the senders name in 16 point Comic Sans. None of this is professional and in keeping with your brand. If in doubt, keep your branding as simple as possible. This is where we find the Rocketseed Mail system distributed by Clikit Media highly effective as it bypasses individual’s setting up their mail format and presents uniform email branding from every user.
  3. Website. Every business needs a website. Gone are the days when sites cost an arm and a leg and you had to pay through your teeth to make changes. A simple, good web presence is relatively affordable and with current technology you should be able to make edits effortlessly on your own. You should use a web professional to create your site as consideration should be taken into your functionality requirements, competitor analysis etc. Have a look at their portfolio and find a company who’s style you like and who’s reputation is strong and avoid gimmicks where they are “free” (based on our experience of companies who have used such sites, they usually get burned and their brand and pocket suffer).
  4. Advertising & Marketing: Print advertising is increasingly costly, it really depends on the kind of business you have. If you are a retail store, then it’s often a good idea to have your specials etc. in a local paper/flyer. Online and digital marketing has become leader in advertising spend, even overtaking traditional media. You can look at Facebook and Google ads (you can set them up by yourself pretty easily, however an idea is to call in a professional to analyze your requirements and set them up though – this helps you to get more out of your investment). With online spend, you set your own budget and it’s usually a quick return so you can measure how much you want to spend based on the response. We love the Rocketseed Mail solution distributed by Clikit Media as it allows every single email to become a marketing message. Think how many emails you send every day – attaching your message to each email turns all communication into a positive marketing experience. And in comparison to print media, it’s a steal.
  5. Social Media. Like it or not, social media is here to stay. Facebook is expected to reach a billion users in the second half of 2012. This will mean that one in very seven people on the globe is using it and nearly 5 million South Africans use it. It’s not hard to set up your social media and if you plan a strategy ahead, for a relatively low time investment, you can interact with your customers and potential customers in a way and scale which has never happened before.  A word of caution – you will need to put time and energy into social media. It’s rewarding and opens new doors, but you will need a committed approach to maintenance.

However you present yourself, if you are consistent, your brand can only be stronger. Stay focused and 2012 will become a year to be reckoned with!

Halo Media
Louise Cunningham has been in the Design and Marketing industry for 16 years and is a Director of Halo Media
Twitter: twitter/halo_media 

Clikit Media appointed as sole distributor

Here we are at last.

For those of you not yet in the know. Clikit Media has been appointed as the Sole distributor for Rocketseed Mail, Rocketmailer & RocketLink to the SME market in Southern Africa (If you’re confused, please read the initial Rocketseed press release here).

This is our first communication under the new Clikit Media brand and we hope you are as excited as we are. The journey will be a memorable one.

For all practical purposes, it is business as usual. We have worked hard over the last couple of months to ensure that this transition is a smooth one.

Still confused as to why we’ve decided to move the Rocketseed South Africa Small Business Unit under a new brand? It’s simple.

Moving the Rocketseed Small Business Unit under Clikit Media provides us with an opportunity to position ourselves to deliver the kind of service that our clients and partners deserve. Fast. Focused. Flexible.

It has become apparent that there is a crucial need from both our customers and partners for us to provide guidance to a range of best-of-breed marketing products, services and tools. Products that are not only easy to use, setup and manage, but complements our customers and partners’ current environment and helps them drive recurring revenue.
Through Clikit Media we will be able to consistently deliver value-added services and products to our current suite of Rocketseed Mail, Rocketmailer and auxiliary design and management services. Clikit Media has already procured two new exciting products and we aim to launch these early in 2012.

Our focus is on customer service and we believe we are well suited to the needs of our clients and sales partners through our dedicated team working around the clock to ensure that those needs are met.

Keep in touch.