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Pre-send Checklist for Email Newsletters & Marketing Campaigns

If you manage and send newsletters or marketing emails for your own or on behalf of a brand, you’re probably all too familiar with the feeling of anxiety experienced whenever you’re about to hit “SEND”. No matter how much careful planning went into a campaign, you can’t help but second-guess yourself:  Am I overlooking a typo? Did I segment the right audience? Are all of my links working? But never fear – we’re here to help! Use Clikit Media’s pre-send checklist to cover all your bases, ensure no error slips through the cracks, and hit “SEND” with confidence every single time.  … Read more

What to include in a Design Brief

Here at Pixel Perfect Interactive we deliver design services across the creative spectrum and the importance of a solid brief can’t be emphasized enough. There are a number of basic parts that any good design brief includes. Ensuring that my clients include each of these in their brief makes my job that much easier and simplifies the process which in turn leads to shorter turnaround times and better client relationships. What is a design brief? A design brief is a document completed by an individual or organization that outlines the objectives and expectations of the creative project and covers an … Read more

Social Media: A meeting place rather than a market place

The majority of businesses misunderstand the context of customer relationships when using social media and attempt to do the hard sell rather than seeking to engage and connect with customers. Businesses need to proactively use and market their social presence with platforms like Facebook and Twitter, ensuring social interaction with both existing and new potential clients at large. In my opinion, the primary rule of social media interaction is less “selling” and more “engaging”. Through engagement people gain confidence and trust in a company or brand and will naturally feel more comfortable in doing business with them at some time … Read more

The Importance of Newsletters as a Marketing Tool

Newsletters are an extremely valuable marketing tool used by ourselves as well as by our customers. One of the most important tasks for a business is to maintain contact with its customers. Developing a newsletter program with a solid audience will prove to be a very important marketing asset for the duration of your company. Think about how on any given website you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a visitor before they are gone forever. Developing a strategy to attract new customers and retaining existing clients is crucial to successful marketing. Maintaining a company blog … Read more

Are you ready for mobile? Your customers are…

In digital marketing, the golden rule is to always start with what you own, make it work harder and better for you, and then expand. Self-owned media includes your website and email. You already know that using every day email branding is a powerful marketing tool to drive traffic to your website, social media platforms and newsletter subscriptions. But, and this is a big BUT, did you know that up to 35% of emails get opened on mobile?! Given statistics and consumer behavior across the globe, it would be safe to say that, 2012 will probably turn out to have … Read more

Protect your online reputation

Online reputation management (ORM) has become critical for most companies or establishments in their public relations strategy. With the advent and entrenchment of Social Media even more online conversations are happening today. At this moment, are you aware of what is being said about your brand or your company? Whether right or wrong, what is being said online will undoubtedly have a major influence on how others perceive your company. I am of the opinion that online reputation is one of the biggest dangers for any company’s future success. A negative review or comment about your business can cause serious … Read more

If branding doesn’t matter, what’s up with peacocks?

5 ways to maintain a strong brand in a tight economy. If you are a business, a product, or even an individual, your branding matters. The truth is that first impressions DO count, so creating and maintaining a strong brand is crucial to how you present yourself and your company. But times are hard and you may be pressed to find budget for developing/maintaining your brand, so we’ve put together a list of things you do can do right now, on a low budget, to supplement your marketing and promote your brand. Like most things, if you set up a … Read more