Clikit Media integrates Rocketseed platform with Office 365

With the growing popularity of cloud based technologies for the business community, Microsoft has recently launched Office 365 in South Africa.

Office 365 is a line of collaborative Microsoft Office-like tools that users can access on the web, including Exchange server and Email application. This is an attractive option for businesses that don’t want to have the overhead of managing their own environment, nor be bound by the restraints imposed by providers of Hosted Exchange services.

This is good news for users who would like to route their email from their Exchange server to an email archive, mail scanner or email branding / marketing third party service provider. Office 365 Enterprise Edition makes provision for adding SMTP connectors to their cloud based Exchange server, allowing users to specify the 3rd party provider of their choice.

Clikit Media is proud to confirm that its Rocketseed Mail platform is fully compatible with this new technology and we have successfully tested and implemented several clients within this environment and look forward to enabling branding for many more!

Please get in touch should you require more information on how to integrate Rocketseed Mail into your Office 365 environment.

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