Google Analytics tracking to your email campaigns

Track visitors to your website that arrive from Rocketmailer links

We’ve connected Rocketmailer to Google Analytics! Now you can track visitors to your website who clicked on links in your Rocketmailer emails.

How to connect an Rocketmailer mailing to Google Analytics:

If you already have a free Google Analytics account, connecting your Rocketmailer mailing to Google Analytics is a piece of cake.

  1. Create your mailing and get ready to send. On the send page, you’ll see a field for Google Analytics.
  2. Simply type the campaign name that you’d like to show up in Google Analytics. (It may be a good idea to use the same campaign name you’ve given it in Rocketmailer.)
  3. After you’ve sent the mailing, log into Google Analytics and find it in the Campaigns section of your Traffic Sources.
  4. Now you’ll be able to view the visits to your site from your Rocketmailer mailing — and easily compare the data to other marketing campaigns.

Helpful tips

What happens under the hood to the links in my campaign to make this possible? 

When you enter a Google Analytics campaign name on the send page, Rocketmailer automatically adds parameters to each of your mailing’s links, such that:

  • utm_medium = “email”
  • utm_source = “newsletter”
  • utm_campaign = {the campaign name you’ve applied}
  • utm_content = {the link names applied while creating the campaign; not present if you didn’t fill in link names}

If you’re familiar with Google Analytics, you can dial into these link parameters in your Google Analytics account.

Can Rocketmailer recognize and track multiple campaign links to the same URL?

Yes, if you provide a name for your link when you first create it, that name will be added as the “utm_content” parameter. If you have multiple links going to the same target, you’ll be able to tell them apart in Google Analytics, as long as you gave them each a name.

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