Inovocom uses Rocketseed Mail to “communicate with confidence”

Inovocom operates two of the largest independent office supply dealer groups in Southern Africa, Office Active and Office Club. Stationers belonging to these dealer groups are independent businesses who are able to offer their customers the benefits of dealing with a national supplier, while retaining the personal touch of an independent local business.

Inovocom supports the independent dealers with tools to enhance their business, which generally they are unable to afford on their own or implement from a time or technical point of view.

One of the successful tools that Inovocom has introduced across the group is the Rocketseed Mail solution by Clikit Media. This has allowed Inovocom to add significant value to stationers’ email communication. All the email communication is branded along the theme of the stationer’s annual catalogue and is updated regularly. In addition, rotational banners highlighting current specials, events and new product launches are also implemented frequently.

“The signature banners go a long way to enhance traditional printed catalogues and flyers. With over 70 000 catalogues being made available in the South African market, the email signatures expose the catalogue to an even greater degree than just the printed copies. This not only adds value to the stationers, but also to suppliers / advertisers displaying their products and brands in the Office Products catalogue. The consensus among the stationers is that Rocketseed Mail not only enhances their brand recognition but also effectively creates a marketing and sales opportunity with each email sent.” – Craig Noyle, Director Inovocom

While Rocketseed Mail  allows for multiple interactive banners (1) and web links (2) to drive web traffic (3), publish promotions (4), market products (5), showcase affiliates (6) drive social media engagement (7) and newsletter subscriptions (8) the system also provides the stationers with standardised signatures (9) and disclaimers (10), ensuring central brand control and legal compliancy.

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Inovocom was founded just over 4 years ago to offer the office products industry a specialised marketing solution. Most stationers find themselves in a position unable to compete against the national suppliers , both from a cost point of view and a time point of view. Inovocom offers marketing solutions to independent stationers , allowing them to focus on running their business , whilst they enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive catalogue , Ecommerce solution , email marketing , email signatures and many other solutions.

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