Kim Ikel & Clikit Media: Partners through trust

Kim Ikel has gained success and respect as a certified and professional Life & Business coach. Specialising in training, workshops and coaching – the results have been commendable and labelled as ‘life-changing’.

Building rapport and a sound trust relationship with clients from inception is vital in a Coaching relationship. The Rocketseed Mail branding & marketing tool undoubtedly underwrites this principle. In the process of coaching individuals and companies toward success, a dynamic brand profile is a definite benefit.

Immediate trust and brand elevation is ensured through the Clikit Media product, and Kim, who coaches Sales & Management teams as well as Business owners, has the following to say:

“In certain professional arenas, such as Business & Life coaching, branding is of the essence. The Rocketseed Mail product has mastered this and personally I have experienced a strong default marketing component through this product. Who and what I recommend is a case of principle, and I will recommend the e-mail branding and other products provided by Clikit Media with conviction”

Kim Ikel makes use of multiple interactive banners (1), web links (2), signatures (3), client testimonial (4), social media integration (5) and a legal disclaimer (6). The Rocketseed Mail solution also delivers full analytics, allowing Kim Ikel to measure the success of the campaigns.

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