Why mobile optimised websites is a “must have”

The use of mobile devices has skyrocketed and will continue to do so. Any business not adapting their digital environment to cater for this runs a very real risk of becoming obsolete or at best losing ground to their competitors.

IPHONESupporting Stat 1: Mobile users will surpass desktop users before the end of 2014

Take a moment and think about how you use your own smartphone or tablet. Odds are that you’ve frequently visited websites that you couldn’t easily read or interact with. You might be clicking through from an email, viewing a video or shopping, but if the website doesn’t respond to your mobile device you’re gone.

Supporting Stat 2: Eighty percent (80%) of mobile users abandon a website if it isn’t optimized for mobile.  

Social Media is here to stay and most businesses have a social media strategy in place. A lot of what is happening on social media is about supplying fans and followers with industry related news and useful information about product or service offerings. More than likely this includes relevant links to website content or media.

If your website is not mobile-ready, you are missing out on the interaction and decisions that your fans and followers are making in real time via a mobile device.

Supporting Stat 3: Sixty Five percent (65%) of social networking occurs on a mobile device.

In many cases, websites catered to mobile devices also have the added benefit of boosting traffic generated from search engines. A well-designed mobile website can help improve Google search rankings, as the search engine gives precedence to mobile-friendly pages.

Supporting Stat 4: Google has publicly stated that mobile websites are given a boost in mobile search.

Bottom line, mobile devices are changing user behavior. If your website isn’t mobile-ready, you’re not getting seen, and if you’re not getting seen, you’re losing a large portion of your market.

Many small businesses are hesitant to create mobile optimised websites, thinking they will have to create new costly platforms from scratch. Clikit Media has a simple and cost effective solution available for SME businesses looking to bring their websites into the mobile fold, making it easier than ever before to go mobile by optimising your current website for the mobile environment.

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