Newsletters: What are bounces?

Bounces: emails / newsletters that were kicked back as undeliverable by the receiving server

Before an email can reach someone’s inbox, it has to be accepted by the host server. Emails that are rejected at the server level are called bounces, and there are two types:

soft bounce is usually more temporary in nature: an overflowing inbox, a temporary server problem, etc. Soft bounces remain in your active list and will be tried again the next mailing. If they fail to get through for four consecutive mailings, soft bounces are then moved to the Rocketmailer error bin.

hard bounce indicates a more serious delivery issue: the recipient’s address is invalid, the server is rejecting your email as junk mail, etc. Hard bounces are immediately moved to the Rocketmailer error bin of your list for you to deal with accordingly. They won’t be emailed again unless you re-activate them.

Because servers can bounce an email back for any number of reasons, you’ll want to scan your campaigns’ bounce reports for people you know are reachable, and then follow up accordingly.

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