Pre-send Checklist for Email Newsletters & Marketing Campaigns

If you manage and send newsletters or marketing emails for your own or on behalf of a brand, you’re probably all too familiar with the feeling of anxiety experienced whenever you’re about to hit “SEND”. No matter how much careful planning went into a campaign, you can’t help but second-guess yourself: 

Am I overlooking a typo?

Did I segment the right audience?

Are all of my links working?

But never fear – we’re here to help! Use Clikit Media’s pre-send checklist to cover all your bases, ensure no error slips through the cracks, and hit “SEND” with confidence every single time. 

(If you’d like to go ahead and download the PDF version, click here!)

That’s it! If you can tick all these boxes, you’re ready to hit “send” on your email.

Click here to download a hard copy for easy reference . 

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