Distributor of MailVault

Email has become one of, if not the most important communication and business tool in use by organizations worldwide. The growth of email use has not only created security and storage issues but more and more organizations are finding themselves obliged to maintain records of all emails for a number of years.

Research has found that as much as 75% of a company’s intellectual property is contained within email and messaging systems. Since emails have become the electronic substitutes of legal business documentation, the information being passed on through this electronic correspondence constitutes a record. Consequently, such correspondence must be retained for a minimum period of time, often established by law. Due to email predominance in the business industry, various pieces of legislations have been enacted to protect personal privacy, enforce corporate governance standards and maintain ethical conduct. Email archiving has proved to be the way forward for businesses.

The cost of in-house archiving has generally restricted SMEs from activating archiving as it has been cost restrictive. Securicom’s MailVault hosted solution offered by Clikit Media requires lower up-front cost than in-house solutions. Customers can get up and running pretty quickly without the investment in hardware and IT staff. Running costs are also low since new capabilities and software/hardware upgrades are implemented by the provider. Hassle-free and effective archiving is now within reach of every SME.