Why archive your mail

What if your mail servers or local data systems become unavailable?

MailVault ensures business continuity and disaster recovery
to key business assets, namely email communications. MailVault allows you to access your complete message record even when a mail servers or local data systems has become unavailable.

Is your business compliant with Regulatory Requirements?

MailVault ensures compliance
with the South African Electronic Communications and Transactions (ECT) Act.

What if you need to find a mail for legal discovery and investigations?

MailVault enables you to retrieve relevant messages in the event of legal discovery, audits, and business or personnel investigations. This solution assures that evidentiary-quality records are stored in a central repository, and guarantees against the issue of tampering.

What if you can’t afford expensive equipment for storage?

  • MailVault offers a cost effective solutions because it requires no capital outlay
  • has a low total cost of ownership, and
  • minimizes network system and storage costs