Why you need email security now!

In today’s electronic world, email is critical to any business being competitive. In most cases it now forms the backbone of most organisations’ day-to-day activities, and its use will continue to grow. As email becomes more prevalent in the market, the importance of email security becomes more significant. An inbox full of spam can be quite aggravating. But spam can be more than a mere irritant. It often carries malicious software. And, in the guise of legitimate offers from real companies, spam can direct unknowing employees to websites that silently deposit malicious files or viruses. New email viruses are released … Read more

Why you should NOT use Email Archiving

There are various advantages to hosted email archiving – legal compliance, business continuity, less clutter, reduced costs, comprehensive search – to name but a few. But maybe you’re a fearless maverick, and none of those things matter to you. So for all the rebels out there, here are our ten best (tongue-in-cheek) reasons why you should not use email archiving: 1. You have no interest in your Intellectual Property.  Secrets are meant to be shared, and information wants to be free. 2. You love playing hide and seek…with lost email. Locating critical lost email is your favorite use of IT resources. 3. … Read more

Clikit Media partners with Securicom to offer comprehensive email security and business continuity solutions to SME’s

Clikit Media, a distributor of best of breed marketing and new media solutions to the SME market has partnered with a specialist provider of managed IT security solutions, Securicom to distribute Securicom’s comprehensive email security and content management solution, ePurifier, and its robust email archiving and business continuity service, MailVault, in Southern Africa. Clikit Media’s well-established distribution channel incorporates partners across the media, marketing and information technology landscapes. Focusing exclusively on SMEs, the company provides advice, and cost effective products, solutions and strategies to help businesses grow. Securicom’s powerful email solutions are a good fit for Clikit Media which is … Read more