What can it do for me

MailVault is a smart solution that helps companies to easily and efficiently manage their email lifecycle.

With Securicom MailVault, companies have a central archive of all email communication for ten years. The archive is housed off-site, at a secure data centre.

  • Meets the e-mail archiving and retrieval requirements of small, medium and large enterprises.
  • No need for a dedicated in-house resource to manage and maintain the solution.
  • Risks and costs associated with the long term storage and management of archived data is greatly reduced for the client.
  • Provides the necessary tools to search for, view and retrieve archived e-mail messages.
  • Allows companies to review the amount of storage in use.
  • Empowers the administrator.
  • Allows to search each e-mail for certain words and phrases.
  • Easy access.
  • Full audit trail of access to the system.
  • Allows companies to control access to archived messages based on user logon credentials.