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In South Africa malicious e-mail traffic is amongst the highest in the world and so is the phishing rate.

  • one in 178 e-mails are identified as malicious – putting South Africa in the top four geographies where malicious e-mail traffic is high. Malicious code includes programmes such as viruses, worms and Trojans which are secretly installed on computer systems to destroy or compromise data or steal sensitive information.
  • one in 200 e-mails in South Africa are identified as phishing. This high phishing rate puts South Africa second only to the Netherlands.

E-mail born security threats remain a major concern. While individuals and companies may have the basics in place such as antivirus and anti-spyware software, these aren’t always updated with appropriate frequency to keep pace with threat evolvements. This leaves systems vulnerable to newer attacks. Robust, up-to-date e-mail security is as important as it has ever been.

Spam, a bandwidth guzzler and often used as a conduit for malicious code, is also a problem.

  • Globally there is about 30-billion spam e-mails in circulation every day – accounting for 68,5 % of e-mail traffic.

SMEs are often perceived as softer targets because they aren’t likely to have high level security measures in place as larger corporates typically do. The fact of the matter is that no organisation of any size can afford to go bare on e-mail security nowadays. If you’re vulnerable, cybercriminals and scammers will find you.

Securicom’s hosted e-Purifier solution supplied by Clikit Media offers a premium e-mail security and content management service, which effectively protects companies against internet threats coming in via e-mail, whilst ensuring low cost of ownership. SME’s are now able to ensure that they do not remain vulnerable to e-mail threats.