Why Securicom

250m+ The number of emails handled by Securicom monthly.
91% The percentage of emails stopped at the gateway by reputation services.
60% The average percentage of the remaining 9% of emails that is ultimately delivered to customers as clean email.
4 The number of Data Centres across 2 countries processing emails.
250k+ The number of individual users spread across more than 400 companies.
Securicom was the first company to launch e-mail security as a service to the African market almost 15 years ago.
Their MailVault service is the only cloud service that is hosted wholly within the borders of South Africa
This is important for the impending POPI legislation as well as meeting other governance criterion.
They guarantee that the customer owns their data at all times and has visibility into where that data is. Also very important as some of our clients is realizing that they cannot extract their data with the provider they currently using so they are forced to stay or will take the alternative route and loose the data.
They provide end to end security, which includes Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, E-mail content filtering, e-mail management, archiving and business continuity/disaster recovery.
They are the cost leader in the market place.