Q: How do I sign up?

Easy! To register for your FREE Fax2Email number CLICK HERE.

Q: How many Fax2Email numbers may I register?

You may activate as many Fax2Email numbers as you wish.

Q: What is the cost for the service? Am I bound by any agreement?

Our Fax2Email service is FREE. No registration cost, no monthly subscription, no hidden terms and conditions. This service will remain free and there is no limit to the number and size of faxes received.

Q: How long until I can receive faxes on my 086 number?

There’s no delay. The moment you complete the registration process the number is allocated and activated.

Q: Do I need to install any special software?

No. The fax is sent to you as a TIF image or PDF, attached to an email. Most operating systems have a default viewer applications installed. In the event that you don’t have it installed already, the software is free of charge and can be downloaded at www.adobe.com.

Q: Does my computer have to be switched on to receive faxes?

No. As per normal emails received, your incoming faxes will be stored on your Internet Service Providers server until you have downloaded your email.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of faxes I can receive?

An unlimited number of faxes can be received on any of your Fax2Email numbers at no additional cost.

Q: If I receive more than one fax at the same time, will one of the senders receive an engaged signal?

No, you are able to receive multiple faxes simultaneously on a single Fax2Email number.

Q: Am I able to forward a received fax to one or more people?

Yes. You can forward the fax attachment as you would with any other email.

Q: Can my number receive calls from anywhere?

Yes. Calls can be received from outside the South African telecommunications network. For international calls just add +27 and the rest of your Free Fax2Email number.

Q: If I register for a 086 number and don’t use it will it remain available?

No. We reserve the right to reclaim a number if there has been no usage for 60-days. You will receive a notification email warning you prior to the number being reclaimed. As long as you receive at least one fax every 60 days the number will remain yours.