Why Fax2Email?

Cost Saving

  • Incoming faxes are FREE, you can receive as many as you like.
  • No more printing of unwanted faxes.
  • Save on costly workplace overheads like paper, toner and equipment maintenance.
  • Almost twice as fast as traditional methods. The Fax2Email server operates 70% faster than traditional fax machines, transmitting at the speed of Internet traffic, saving you time and money.


  • Easily access received faxes via email wherever you are – at the office, home, or on a business trip via your email.
  • For record purposes, each fax converted to email contains the sender’s fax number, the time and date of arrival and an attachment in TIFF or PDF format. Because the faxes are easily searchable, retrieval is quick and simple.
  • With your Fax2Email number you will be able to receive multiple faxes simultaneously – your number will never be engaged.
  • Keep your Fax2Email number for life. When you move or change your email address you don’t have to change your number!
  • No hardware or software required.

Compliance & Privacy

  • All incoming faxes are delivered directly to the recipient, which improves the privacy of the information they contain.
  • Content of the messages are encrypted with SSL Security of Internet Fax Transport Encryption.
  • None of your faxes will get lost as the Fax2Email servers and solutions are hosted in highly secure data centres across the globe. All Fax2Email servers are connected to a shared database infrastructure. This means that even if one server goes down, the others continue operating where the previous server left off.