Rocketmailer’s signup forms get a few new features

Build better opt-in forms with more customization and notifications

It’s time to highlight a few new features that we’ve added to Rocketmailer’s signup forms, those helpful little screens that connect to Rocketmailer and allow new subscribers to join your email list.

Quite simply, they’re more flexible than ever.

Customize your forms

We’ve always wanted to make sure you can customize your signup forms to collect the member information you need, whether or not you have web development skills. That’s why it’s easy to add your company logo as well as collect first and last names, company name, birthday and more using Rocketmailer’s signup forms.

Did you realize your account comes with unlimited forms? Your forms can be posted anywhere you’d like – on your website, on Twitter and Facebook, and in your email branding, for example. And if you create separate forms that filter to unique groups in Rocketmailer, you can keep track of how many new subscribers are joining from the different locations.

Now, let’s talk about the new features that make signup forms even easier to build and manage.

Share details with new subscribers

When you build your signup forms, it’s important to consider the subscriber experience. Put yourself in your subscriber’s shoes, or at least in front of their computer. When they sign up, they’re likely thinking some (or all) of these things:

  • I’m excited to hear from you. What content can I expect to receive?
  • How often will you send me emails?
  • Will this process be simple and quick? Can I change my mind later?

It’s a good idea to share answers to these questions atop the signup form itself. It instills trust and encourages your visitor to click submit, rather than abandon the form.

But don’t stop there. Now that you’ve wooed them, use the form’s thank-you page as an opportunity to win them over. We’ve included a WYSIWYG editor to allow you to type a simple thank-you message. Or, use our new re-direct option to send folks to your website or to share a link to downloadable content, a coupon or your features page.

With the freedom to take new subscribers anywhere you’d like after signup, we’re empowering you to begin engaging with audience members right away.

Give folks the ability to manage their email preferences

You’ve always been able to customize the confirmation message that folks receive in their inbox after signing up. (You can even turn that confirmation message off, if you’d rather replace it with a welcome autoresponder.)

Now, we’ve added that same customization to the manage preferences message, the email that existing audience members receive when they re-visit your form to update their contact information. It’s a nice way to tailor the experience to new and existing members alike. And if you don’t want Rocketmailer to send the manage preferences message, go ahead and turn it off.

Track it with Google Analytics

Now, not only can you add Google Analytics tracking to your email campaigns, you can also add it to your signup forms. Simply plug in your Google Analytics ID on the tracking tab of your signup form, and you’re all set to begin tracking how new subscribers start interacting with your site. The reporting lands in your own Google Analytics account rather than on your Rocketmailer response page, which means website data is kept consistently in one place.

Receive real-time notifications

Once you have your signup forms set up to collect new subscribers, you’ll want to keep up to see who’s new. You can do that by logging into your account and viewing recent activity on your audience page. Or, you can set up email notifications to get a heads-up every time someone subscribes. Our new feature allows you to choose your frequency, in case you’d like to be notified weekly or monthly, rather than in real time. You can also add up to three email addresses to receive notifications, so it’s easy to send to someone else in your office, too.


We hope you’ll put these features to work as you continue growing your email audience. If you have questions along the way, we’re here to help.

Please contact us if you require any additional info on the above. We will gladly assist.

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