Rocketseed SME partner program expansion

Due to the efforts of our resellers the Rocketseed SME partner program offered by Clikit Media has experienced phenomenal growth during the past 5 years. Lately it has become apparent that there is a very real need from our resellers to offer the Rocketseed service to companies that exceed the mandated maximum of 100 users.

The advent and uptake of cloud based email infrastructure such as Google Apps and Office 365 (as opposed to onsite infrastructure) by many companies has also simplified the process of on boarding larger clients due to the lesser technical requirements.

Clikit Media is pleased to announce that after lengthy engagement with the product vendor we have now received the go-ahead to adjust the Clikit Media reseller mandate upwards to companies with up to 200 users/licenses.

Furthermore there is an opportunity for select resellers to approach and offer the service to companies with totalling between 200 and 1,000. This would be subject to prior approval and a vetting process to ensure that resellers have the capacity to deliver the service according to our required criteria.

For additional information or clarification on aspect of our partner program please contact us on or phone us on +27 (0)21 87 222 80.

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