Ryk Neethling Swimming Schools (RNSS) and Rocketseed Mail – A winning combination!

Ryk Neethling Swimming Schools (RNSS) operate at various venues across South Africa. It is important for Ryk and his team to deliver, not only consistent branding on all their everyday emails, but also to communicate relevant information effectively to recipients.

The centralized control and compliancy that Clikit Media delivers via their patented Rocketseed Mail solution made Rocketseed Mail the obvious choice to fulfill this need.

By inserting targeted and measurable campaigns into every business email, RNSS have optimized their most trusted form of communication – their everyday business email.

“As a four time Olympian I understand the importance of consistently performing at your best and measuring your success. The Rocketseed Mail solution by Clikit Media allows us to do just that on our everyday email communication, staying one stroke ahead of the field.”
– Ryk Neethling, Managing Director RNSS

RNSS makes use of multiple interactive banners (1), web links (2), signatures (3) and disclaimers (4) to drive web traffic (5), publish relevant information, integrate social media (6) and promote sponsors and associates (7). The Rocketseed Mail solution also delivers full analytics, allowing RNSS to measure the success of their campaigns.

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