Terms & Conditions


  1. Upon receipt of a signed Acceptance, a Sales Order will be raised for the amount quoted.
  2. This Sales Order needs to be settled within 7 working days.
  3. Please pay immediately by funds transfer direct to our bank account (details as per your Sales Order). Ensure you include your Reference Number with your payment.
  4. Upon settlement, an Invoice will be emailed to you for auditing purposes only.
  5. Strictly no refunds on in term cancellations.
  6. The receipt of your payment in full will activate your account and Clikit Media will start the creative design for the client, as per the brief supplied, if outsourced to us.

Design Process:

  1. Clikit Media will forward the creative once completed. The client is required to give approval on the creative within 4 working days from when it was sent.
  2. The client will have 2 opportunities to make edits to the branding, after which an additional fee for creative may be charged.
  3. If no feedback is received within 4 working days, Clikit Media will assume that the client  wishes to make no further edits to their creative design.
  4. A minimum fee of R 150 / R 250 ex VAT per edit on any signed-off design will apply.

Rocketseed Mail:

  1. The Client may not use Rocketseed Mail for any use that could blacklist the ASP service as a SPAM or unsolicited mail-generator. Where such usage is detected, Clikit Media may restrict The Client’s usage with immediate effect until such time that the situation is rectified.
  2. Clikit Media applies a “Reasonable Usage” policy with regards to the number and amount of email traffic that the client may send without incurring additional charges. This is designed to protect the client and others using Clikit Media shared email solutions against abuse and mailings in bulk. Where this is exceeded, The client will be notified and additional bandwidth costs may be attributed to the client. 


  1. Usage policy:

    1. Rocketmailer is a permission-based email-marketing platform designed for organizations who wish to manage existing relationships with their customers by email. Our Permission Policy is part of the Terms and Conditions of Use agreed to by every Rocketmail customer. It appears as a reminder on Rocketmail’s import process every time new lists are added. Our policy goes beyond the stipulations set forth in the South African Electronic Communications legislation.
  2. When sending using Rocketmailer, the recipient must:

    1. be a customer, member or subscriber of/to your business or organization’s communications programs
    2. have specifically requested to receive your emails by opting in or officially signed up as an information recipient
    3. have bought a product or service from your company in the past 18 months
  3. We take every precaution to make sure your customer lists, email content and response data remains private and confidential. Although we reserve the right to monitor your lists, content and response data from time to time to make sure you comply with our Terms of Use, we will never share, sell or rent your customer data to a third party for any purpose.