Why you should NOT use Email Archiving

archive-imageThere are various advantages to hosted email archiving – legal compliance, business continuity, less clutter, reduced costs, comprehensive search – to name but a few. But maybe you’re a fearless maverick, and none of those things matter to you. So for all the rebels out there, here are our ten best (tongue-in-cheek) reasons why you should not use email archiving:

1. You have no interest in your Intellectual Property.  Secrets are meant to be shared, and information wants to be free.

2. You love playing hide and seek…with lost email. Locating critical lost email is your favorite use of IT resources.

3. Money grows on trees. Why reduce IT expenses? Why not continue to pay hefty hardware and personnel costs to ensure adequate backup of your emails?

4. Employees never leave. In fact, they never do anything wrong. They never accidentally or purposefully delete emails.

5. The proof is NOT in the pudding. Of course a court of law will take your word as to the contents of that email agreement. Proof? But surely your word is good enough…

6. All your staff are IT gurus. Of course you can place the onus on your staff to ensure they have a centralized record of all their email communication. Geniuses – each and every one of them.

7. You have NEVER had a device failure. No PC or tablet used in your company has ever expired (or will ever in the feature) and subsequently you have never struggled to access your past email communication or to keep communicating while you replace your hardware device.

8. Your email content is not important. Why bother. You’re a social media expert and send all the really important and sensitive communication such as agreements and quotes via facebook and twitter.

9. Time is not money. Benjamin Franklin got it all wrong. There is no time value to money. Spending many hours on sorting, searching and retrieving important emails is your favorite pastime. It’s not like it’s keeping you from other important tasks – such as building your business.

10. You’re a thrill seeker! You love the threat of burdensome litigation, lost email and inaccessible data.

If any of the above reminds you of yourself, then you probably don’t need email archiving. But if these examples made you smile and then cringe (and we sincerely hope they did), you should consider integrating affordable, accessible MailVault email archiving to your hosted email.

MailVault is a smart, simple and reliable email archiving and retrieval solution, specifically designed and structured with the small business in mind. With MailVault, companies have a central archive of all email communication for ten years.

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