You’ve Got Meal competition

clikit_youvegotmeal_blog-banner_01_11We know that you’re pulling 25 hour days working on your brilliant communication and email campaigns, so we thought we’d replenish the energy reserves by sending you a lekker lunch…mahala…for free…gratis!

We will be giving away DAILY lunches till end November and sending it to your office!

Here’s how to enter…

All you need to do is:

  1. follow us on Twitter (@ClikitMedia)
  2. tweet us your meal of choice and include hashtag #youvegotmeal and the link to this blog post


“@ClikitMedia BURGER #youvegotmeal LINK”

You can choose one of these 3 meals:

  1. Cheese Burger
  2. Salad
  3. Chicken Wrap

**Note that if you win on the day, we will require you to forward us an email (newsletter/promotion etc.) campaign or email branding example that you are currently working on or have executed previously.

The competition will run from 8am SAST on 21.10.2013 and will finish at 5pm SAST on 29.11.2013.

We will pick daily winners at random and will contact them via email.

**Terms and Conditions apply.

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