New features from Rocketmailer to help with GDPR

The Product and Engineering teams have been working hard to make sure that Rocketmailer is GDPR-compliant, and today, we’re excited to walk through those new changes inside your Rocketmailer account. GDPR-ready signup forms Consent is a huge priority defined under the GDPR and the regulation’s text clearly defines how consent can and cannot be given. As marketers, we’re used to using the term “explicit”, but the GDPR lays out a set of conditions for informed consent that reinforce your subscribers’ rights and puts specific obligations on the shoulders of you, the data controller. When it comes to your signup forms, that … Read more

GDPR and Rocketmailer: an overview and product changes

Keep in mind, this material is provided for your general information and is not intended to act as legal advice. To fully understand the impact of the GDPR on your business, please consult with an independent legal or privacy professional. What is the GDPR? The European Union’s new privacy law – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – will come into effect May 25, 2018. This new regulation will apply to the data of all individuals residing in the EU, no matter where their data resides (i.e. if you’re sending from South Africa but have recipients in the EU, that … Read more

A Newsletter Done Right

If you work in marketing or communications for a restaurant group like Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, chances are good that you’re tasked with sending out a ton of information – restaurant openings, menu updates, event invitations, etc. – in a single monthly newsletter. So how do you format all that content in a way that your audience will actually engage with? For long-form email newsletters, a single-column design is your best bet. It allows you to control the format of your content, rather than leaving it up to chance when it gets translated to a mobile client. And if you’re worried … Read more

12 Things we’ve learned about email signatures

Operating exclusively in the email media and marketing space, we have literally viewed thousands of email signatures. Many clients approach us when they have exhausted all other options to successfully create and manage their email signatures. After all these years you would think that nothing would surprise me anymore, but we are still regularly amazed at what comes across our desks. Contrary to common logic, it is very often the larger, enterprise size clients that get it completely wrong. Proof that in-house marketing and design teams with substantial marketing budgets don’t always get it right! Herewith some thoughts which we … Read more

Pre-send Checklist for Email Newsletters & Marketing Campaigns

If you manage and send newsletters or marketing emails for your own or on behalf of a brand, you’re probably all too familiar with the feeling of anxiety experienced whenever you’re about to hit “SEND”. No matter how much careful planning went into a campaign, you can’t help but second-guess yourself:  Am I overlooking a typo? Did I segment the right audience? Are all of my links working? But never fear – we’re here to help! Use Clikit Media’s pre-send checklist to cover all your bases, ensure no error slips through the cracks, and hit “SEND” with confidence every single time.  … Read more

Microsoft Certification for Rocketseed Email Signatures

We’re thrilled to announce that Microsoft has formally issued Rocketseed its certification for Windows Server! As a Clikit Media email media customer making use of the Rocketseed software, it’s good news for you too. When it comes to any business offering SaaS or with a product involving IT and email, one of the keys to user satisfaction is security and peace of mind. In a rapidly changing industry, technology customers need high-quality applications they can trust. It’s exactly this trust that Microsoft certification brings to Rocketseed. This certification for Rocketseed translates to increased customer satisfaction and that’s a key requirement … Read more

Solutions for Customer Service

The insight and tools to optimise your customer service performance. The Rocketseed platform offers a variety of tools and solutions to help you evaluate and optimise your organisation’s customer service. By placing engaging banners and media into every single one-to-one email sent between employees and to customers, you can not only communicate offers and promotional messages, but also assess the performance of your staff through one-click surveys. Rocketseed offers a wide range of solutions for the management of customer service teams and the achievement of customer service success. Customer Feedback Rocketseed banners can be configured to carry one-click surveys, giving … Read more

Sports Brands Making Use Of Email Branding

Got game? Great SPORTs brands making use of Email Branding HOW OUR CLIENTS USE EMAIL MEDIA Clikit Media, along with our Partner network, work with a variety of sports clubs and associations. Whether big or small, they all benefit from email media. With email media a premier league budget is not required to get your message across. Our sports clients look to their email signatures to: • Promote events, special offers & packages • Showcase successes, awards and recommendations • Increase attendance or participation • Expand and retain membership • Grow social media communities • Secure & showcase sponsorship • … Read more

Rocketseed SME partner program expansion

Due to the efforts of our resellers the Rocketseed SME partner program offered by Clikit Media has experienced phenomenal growth during the past 5 years. Lately it has become apparent that there is a very real need from our resellers to offer the Rocketseed service to companies that exceed the mandated maximum of 100 users. The advent and uptake of cloud based email infrastructure such as Google Apps and Office 365 (as opposed to onsite infrastructure) by many companies has also simplified the process of on boarding larger clients due to the lesser technical requirements. Clikit Media is pleased to … Read more

Why does email marketing have VALUE

convincing your boss that email marketing has value [COUNTER ATTACK THESE QUESTIONS FROM YOUR BOSS] Why should we spend more time and money on it? • The ROI on email marketing is 4300% (DOUBLE that of any other digital channel). • 66% of online consumers have made a purchase as a result of an email. • It’s cost efficient. Can’t we get the same results from social? • Rather use a channel you already own and control. • Email is consensual, personal and acutely targeted. • Social and Email does not have to be in competition with each other, they can … Read more


JUNIOR DIGITAL/ONLINE DESIGNER Environment: Clikit Media provides guidance to a range of best-of-breed new media products and services. Due emphasis is placed on ease of setup, use and management and the delivery of real value and profitability to clients. The Opportunity: Looking for a Junior digital/online designer to join a fast growing and dynamic media and marketing services and solutions provider based in Paarl. The ideal candidate is passionate about design, email and digital marketing, can think on their feet, is motivated, well presented, friendly and super-efficient at managing client expectations. They thrive under pressure, enjoy being part of a … Read more

Why We Click

THE SIMPLE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND A GREAT CALL TO ACTION PICK THE RIGHT COLOR There’s no magic colour that converts better than others (sadly, not even periwinkle), so pick one that contrasts (think orange on blue) or promotes a certain feeling. ORANGE: Encourage immediate action. Consider orange if you want people to sign up, buy or join right away. It’s also the colour most associated with cheap or inexpensive things. RED: Increase energy and a sense of urgency. Try red if you’re running a sale, a limited time offer or selling tickets to an event that’s close to selling out. YELLOW: … Read more

It’s not just a phone, it’s a Mobile Inbox

asas Reap the benefits by prioritising mobile design for your newsletter and promotional campaigns.   53% OF ALL EMAILS ARE OPENED ON MOBILE DEVICES SO WHAT CAN YOU DO? Stick with a simple, single-column layout and embrace the scroll! Use large, readable fonts that are at least 16 px Incorporate a big, bold, attention- grabbing image above the fold. MOBILE EMAIL OPENS JUMPED 500% IN FOUR YEARS SO WHAT CAN YOU DO? Keep your content short and sweet for readers on the go. Use a responsive template to ensure your emails look great on any screen size. Make sure all … Read more

List Builder is now fully automated!

Grow your newsletter & email marketing audience effortlessly The average email list churns by 30% every year. Not to worry, we created List Builder! Capitalise on your most trusted communication channel, every day business email, to ensure continuous growth of your email marketing & newsletter audience. THE AUTOMATED LISTBUILDER: Ensures full legal compliance Is hassle free and seamlessly integrates everyday email with your newsletter strategy Includes FREE setup & integration HOW DOES IT WORK? It’s clear, that unless you’re growing your audience, you’re missing out on a ton of marketing opportunities. List Builder keeps you connected to your customers, prospects … Read more

Email Media: 10 cool things

Go beyond signature design! Rocketseed email media can do so much more. We have rounded up our top 10 cool things your email media can do to drive results using your employee email traffic. 1. Generate real-time alerts to a designated person not just to the sender As well as alerting the sender about recipient engagement in real time, Rocketseed can also be configured to notify a specific person or team instead. So for example, if you are planning an event, all customer interest can be channelled directly to the person(s) responsible for event attendance. 2. Behavioral targeting – Serve targeted … Read more

The anatomy of our new Response overview revealed

Enough teasing, we’re ready to show you the goods You may have heard that we’re completely revamping our Response overview to give you more visualized data and even deeper insights into your email results – all to help you get better every time you send. Your results will automatically update too, which means you no longer have to keep hitting refresh on your browser to see your latest opens, clicks and shares. Just open the new Response overview once, and watch the results roll in. So what’s it look like, and what’s new about it? Let’s take a look! 1. … Read more

How to add preheader text to email (and why you should)

You know the slightly grayed out text that shows up after the subject line when checking emails in your Gmail account or on your phone? That’s preheader text. Now Rocketmailer customers can control what that text says, which gives you the ability to add content without extending the subject line beyond the cutoff point. It’s great because it can tease the content of your email (and catch the eye of someone scanning their inbox), and then with a little coding magic, it goes away when the email is opened. Here’s how it works. Just fill out the preheader text field … Read more

5 reasons why you will love the new Rocketmailer template wrapper

Good news! Rocketmailer’s template wrapper has been given a brand new, stylish makeover. So what exactly is a template wrapper? It’s basically the header and footer of an email template that houses all of your email necessities, like the view online link, social sharing buttons, physical address, etc. Here are 5 reasons why you and your audience will love it. 1. It looks great. The new wrapper has a modern look and feel that perfectly complements your email template design. Plus, it’s mobile-optimized so it looks awesome on any device. 2. Your content comes first. We’ve moved the view online link … Read more

Why you need email security now!

In today’s electronic world, email is critical to any business being competitive. In most cases it now forms the backbone of most organisations’ day-to-day activities, and its use will continue to grow. As email becomes more prevalent in the market, the importance of email security becomes more significant. An inbox full of spam can be quite aggravating. But spam can be more than a mere irritant. It often carries malicious software. And, in the guise of legitimate offers from real companies, spam can direct unknowing employees to websites that silently deposit malicious files or viruses. New email viruses are released … Read more

What to include in a Design Brief

Here at Pixel Perfect Interactive we deliver design services across the creative spectrum and the importance of a solid brief can’t be emphasized enough. There are a number of basic parts that any good design brief includes. Ensuring that my clients include each of these in their brief makes my job that much easier and simplifies the process which in turn leads to shorter turnaround times and better client relationships. What is a design brief? A design brief is a document completed by an individual or organization that outlines the objectives and expectations of the creative project and covers an … Read more

Heartbleed SSL Vulnerability Mitigation

A serious security flaw has been detected in the OpenSSL protocol used to encrypt web-based communication including email, banking and other sensitive web applications. We are taking proactive steps to ensure the security of our email media applications. Before the vulnerability was detected on April 8, passwords for sending and receiving email, as well as for access to secured websites, banks and social media could have been compromised. In the case of your email media services, only outbound email passwords are at risk, but the problem is potentially much wider. The original software flaw was introduced two years ago in … Read more


Here at Clikit Media we set the bar pretty high when it comes to our extreme activities (as well as our service levels I might add!). South Africans are notoriously immune to danger and we just love pushing the limits, however, there are some people – some on our staff, actually – who just like to take it up a notch. When you have colleagues with nicknames such as Willeklong, Panga, Powerman and Sarge, it should probably be an indication of the type of specimen we’re dealing with. Ah, and yes, let’s not forget to mention that our petite female … Read more

Are you in a state of mobile denial?

The one question that business owners should not be asking anymore is “Why do I need a mobile site”. Unless of course if you are not concerned about losing out on a growing number of new customers and revenue every day. The stats and facts showing ever increasing mobile usage and purchase decisions related to mobile is undeniable, but just thinking about your own personal mobile usage and behavior should supply ample proof that no mobile site equates to lost business. More than 90% of visitors abandon websites not optimized for mobile. Combined with the following stats and facts it … Read more

Why you should NOT use Email Archiving

There are various advantages to hosted email archiving – legal compliance, business continuity, less clutter, reduced costs, comprehensive search – to name but a few. But maybe you’re a fearless maverick, and none of those things matter to you. So for all the rebels out there, here are our ten best (tongue-in-cheek) reasons why you should not use email archiving: 1. You have no interest in your Intellectual Property.  Secrets are meant to be shared, and information wants to be free. 2. You love playing hide and seek…with lost email. Locating critical lost email is your favorite use of IT resources. 3. … Read more

Why mobile optimised websites is a “must have”

The use of mobile devices has skyrocketed and will continue to do so. Any business not adapting their digital environment to cater for this runs a very real risk of becoming obsolete or at best losing ground to their competitors. Supporting Stat 1: Mobile users will surpass desktop users before the end of 2014 Take a moment and think about how you use your own smartphone or tablet. Odds are that you’ve frequently visited websites that you couldn’t easily read or interact with. You might be clicking through from an email, viewing a video or shopping, but if the website … Read more

Clikit Media hosts successful POPI workshop

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) recently signed by the President has set conditions for how personal information is processed. A lot of uncertainty in the marketing industry as to what the impact will be on electronic communications prompted Clikit Media to arrange a workshop on this complex law. John Giles from Michaelsons, one of the leading IT lawyers in South Africa presented an overview of POPI  to thirty of Clikit Media’s Cape Town based resellers. The workshop, which was held at the centrally located Colosseum Hotel, was well received by all and feedback received points to it having … Read more

You’ve Got Meal competition

We know that you’re pulling 25 hour days working on your brilliant communication and email campaigns, so we thought we’d replenish the energy reserves by sending you a lekker lunch…mahala…for free…gratis! We will be giving away DAILY lunches till end November and sending it to your office! Here’s how to enter… All you need to do is: follow us on Twitter (@ClikitMedia) tweet us your meal of choice and include hashtag #youvegotmeal and the link to this blog post Example: “@ClikitMedia BURGER #youvegotmeal LINK” You can choose one of these 3 meals: Cheese Burger Salad Chicken Wrap **Note that if … Read more

Clikit Media partners with Securicom to offer comprehensive email security and business continuity solutions to SME’s

Clikit Media, a distributor of best of breed marketing and new media solutions to the SME market has partnered with a specialist provider of managed IT security solutions, Securicom to distribute Securicom’s comprehensive email security and content management solution, ePurifier, and its robust email archiving and business continuity service, MailVault, in Southern Africa. Clikit Media’s well-established distribution channel incorporates partners across the media, marketing and information technology landscapes. Focusing exclusively on SMEs, the company provides advice, and cost effective products, solutions and strategies to help businesses grow. Securicom’s powerful email solutions are a good fit for Clikit Media which is … Read more

5 ways you can make your emails look great on a mobile device

Everyone’s talking about mobile email right now, but with all the talk, it can be hard to know where to start. Never fear – we’ve got five easy tweaks you can make to your next email campaign to ensure it looks great on screens big and small. Shorten your header. A simplified header that’s 50-100 pixels in height looks just right on a mobile device. Enlarge your text and buttons. Body copy should be about 14 pt and buttons should be 45 pixels. That keeps everything fingertip friendly. Choose your images wisely. Bold images with a single focus render great on … Read more

Rocketmailer now integrates with SurveyMonkey!

Connect your accounts for one-click access to the leading online survey tool If you’re in the business of creating online surveys to collect feedback from customers, volunteers, and colleagues, then you’re probably one of the 15 million people who rely on SurveyMonkey. Well, we’ve got great news! Now in Rocketmailer, you can connect with your SurveyMonkey account and have one-click access to surveys you can link to right from your mailing. It’s the easiest way to send your survey invitation in style. This new integration is just one of the many ways we’ve streamlined workflow in the new drag & drop … Read more

Rocketmailer’s signup forms get a few new features

Build better opt-in forms with more customization and notifications It’s time to highlight a few new features that we’ve added to Rocketmailer’s signup forms, those helpful little screens that connect to Rocketmailer and allow new subscribers to join your email list. Quite simply, they’re more flexible than ever. Customize your forms We’ve always wanted to make sure you can customize your signup forms to collect the member information you need, whether or not you have web development skills. That’s why it’s easy to add your company logo as well as collect first and last names, company name, birthday and more … Read more

Google Analytics tracking to your email campaigns

Track visitors to your website that arrive from Rocketmailer links We’ve connected Rocketmailer to Google Analytics! Now you can track visitors to your website who clicked on links in your Rocketmailer emails. How to connect an Rocketmailer mailing to Google Analytics: If you already have a free Google Analytics account, connecting your Rocketmailer mailing to Google Analytics is a piece of cake. Create your mailing and get ready to send. On the send page, you’ll see a field for Google Analytics. Simply type the campaign name that you’d like to show up in Google Analytics. (It may be a good … Read more

Go Green – Go Fax2Email

Although Fax2Email is not a new concept, it is still very much relevant. With the very high importance placed on being less wasteful and reducing our reliance on the earth’s natural resources, Fax2Email has many advantages over the historic manner in which we received faxes. Fax2Email allows for significant savings on paper, toner and equipment maintenance. Reducing costs while also reducing your carbon footprint makes this the one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever have to make! Clikit Media will facilitate the transfer from your existing fax number to free individual Fax2Email numbers for you and your staff by creating … Read more

5 reasons why you should enable social sharing in your email campaigns

Adding social media icons to your email campaigns with Rocketmailer’s social sharing feature takes just a few seconds, but it can increase your campaign’s reach and help you identify your most avid followers. Who knew all of that could be as simple as pushing a couple of buttons? If you’re new to this whole email plus social networks thing -or if you know your way around Twitter and Facebook but just aren’t sure whether you want to try Rocketmailer’s social sharing feature – take a look at the reasons why we think it’s worth doing. 1. Harness the reach of … Read more

When’s a good time to send your email campaigns?

We’re often asked when the best time to send email campaigns might be, and if there are days or times to avoid. While there’s no magic send time, there are a few commonly held notions about the timing of email campaigns. Remember that your best chance of getting people to read and respond is during the first few hours after delivery, so making sure your emails arrive when people are most likely to be in front of their computers (and paying attention) is the real key. With that in mind, mailings that go out Tuesdays through Thursdays have traditionally fared … Read more

Categories of Email Marketing: A Brief Description

We often find that when mentioning or discussing email marketing, there exists a perception that this only relates to bulk email, such as promotional mails or newsletters. This is in fact not the case. Email can be divided into three distinct categories, being Everyday Business Email Bulk Email Transactional Email. Although different in purpose, all three of these categories can and should be optimized to assist in your marketing efforts. Everyday Business Email These are the daily emails we send to customers, prospects, suppliers and partners every day using our email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, Macmail etc. Typically this … Read more

Social Media: A meeting place rather than a market place

The majority of businesses misunderstand the context of customer relationships when using social media and attempt to do the hard sell rather than seeking to engage and connect with customers. Businesses need to proactively use and market their social presence with platforms like Facebook and Twitter, ensuring social interaction with both existing and new potential clients at large. In my opinion, the primary rule of social media interaction is less “selling” and more “engaging”. Through engagement people gain confidence and trust in a company or brand and will naturally feel more comfortable in doing business with them at some time … Read more

Is your Rocketseed Mail branding all that it can be?

The Rocketseed Mail solution incorporates a host of features enabling users to optimize their everyday email communication. Very often we find that our clients are not considering all the features during the conceptualization and design stages and thus not capitalizing on all the benefits of the product. In light of the above we thought it might be apt to highlight some of the elements that we feel can add value to your email branding and marketing efforts. Banner Management Rocketseed Mail’s main feature is its multifaceted banner management system. Every time you send an email, your banner will appear when … Read more

Inovocom uses Rocketseed Mail to “communicate with confidence”

Inovocom operates two of the largest independent office supply dealer groups in Southern Africa, Office Active and Office Club. Stationers belonging to these dealer groups are independent businesses who are able to offer their customers the benefits of dealing with a national supplier, while retaining the personal touch of an independent local business. Inovocom supports the independent dealers with tools to enhance their business, which generally they are unable to afford on their own or implement from a time or technical point of view. One of the successful tools that Inovocom has introduced across the group is the Rocketseed Mail … Read more

Why you should not send bulk email from your PC

The importance of newsletters / bulk email as marketing tools is well established. Other forms of bulk email, such as promotional mailers and surveys have an equally important role to play in your marketing efforts. If you are sending bulk email campaigns using your everyday email client, then please think again! You could be doing more harm than you know. I’d like to give you an overview of why it isn’t a good idea to send bulk emails via your everyday email client, such as Outlook/Mac Mail or webmail, such as Gmail/Hotmail and why using a bulk email platform is … Read more

Winelands Dental and Clikit Media – Smiles all the way!

Winelands Dental is a dental and aesthetic practice based in Stellenbosch and under the leadership of Dr Louis van Niekerk. Dr van Niekerk has built several successful practices in South Africa and the United Kingdom whilst continuing his post graduate studies. Using the latest technology, Dr van Niekerk offers a comprehensive aesthetic and dental experience that is in line with his exacting standards. Integral to this experience is the communication between Winelands Dental and their patients. The Rocketseed Mail and Rocketmailer solutions offered by Clikit Media ensures that Winelands Dental is able to optimize all email communication to patients, ensuring … Read more

Newsletters: What are bounces?

Bounces: emails / newsletters that were kicked back as undeliverable by the receiving server Before an email can reach someone’s inbox, it has to be accepted by the host server. Emails that are rejected at the server level are called bounces, and there are two types: A soft bounce is usually more temporary in nature: an overflowing inbox, a temporary server problem, etc. Soft bounces remain in your active list and will be tried again the next mailing. If they fail to get through for four consecutive mailings, soft bounces are then moved to the Rocketmailer error bin. A hard bounce indicates a more serious … Read more

The Importance of Newsletters as a Marketing Tool

Newsletters are an extremely valuable marketing tool used by ourselves as well as by our customers. One of the most important tasks for a business is to maintain contact with its customers. Developing a newsletter program with a solid audience will prove to be a very important marketing asset for the duration of your company. Think about how on any given website you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a visitor before they are gone forever. Developing a strategy to attract new customers and retaining existing clients is crucial to successful marketing. Maintaining a company blog … Read more

Kim Ikel & Clikit Media: Partners through trust

Kim Ikel has gained success and respect as a certified and professional Life & Business coach. Specialising in training, workshops and coaching – the results have been commendable and labelled as ‘life-changing’. Building rapport and a sound trust relationship with clients from inception is vital in a Coaching relationship. The Rocketseed Mail branding & marketing tool undoubtedly underwrites this principle. In the process of coaching individuals and companies toward success, a dynamic brand profile is a definite benefit. Immediate trust and brand elevation is ensured through the Clikit Media product, and Kim, who coaches Sales & Management teams as well … Read more

Exciting changes coming to Rocketmailer!

Starting very soon, you’re going to notice a few changes to our Rocketmailer platform. I thought it might be helpful to provide a bit of context around what you’ll see and how it will affect your Rocketmailer experience. Clikit Media is all about providing great technology products, backed up by our dedicated team delivering the best possible customer service to our clients and partners alike. We are sure that these changes will enhance the product experience for all our Rocketmailer users. So what’s all the change about? Well, over the past year or so, the team behind Rocketmailer have been: … Read more

Ryk Neethling Swimming Schools (RNSS) and Rocketseed Mail – A winning combination!

Ryk Neethling Swimming Schools (RNSS) operate at various venues across South Africa. It is important for Ryk and his team to deliver, not only consistent branding on all their everyday emails, but also to communicate relevant information effectively to recipients. The centralized control and compliancy that Clikit Media delivers via their patented Rocketseed Mail solution made Rocketseed Mail the obvious choice to fulfill this need. By inserting targeted and measurable campaigns into every business email, RNSS have optimized their most trusted form of communication – their everyday business email. “As a four time Olympian I understand the importance of consistently … Read more

Are you ready for mobile? Your customers are…

In digital marketing, the golden rule is to always start with what you own, make it work harder and better for you, and then expand. Self-owned media includes your website and email. You already know that using every day email branding is a powerful marketing tool to drive traffic to your website, social media platforms and newsletter subscriptions. But, and this is a big BUT, did you know that up to 35% of emails get opened on mobile?! Given statistics and consumer behavior across the globe, it would be safe to say that, 2012 will probably turn out to have … Read more

Clikit Media integrates Rocketseed platform with Office 365

With the growing popularity of cloud based technologies for the business community, Microsoft has recently launched Office 365 in South Africa. Office 365 is a line of collaborative Microsoft Office-like tools that users can access on the web, including Exchange server and Email application. This is an attractive option for businesses that don’t want to have the overhead of managing their own environment, nor be bound by the restraints imposed by providers of Hosted Exchange services. This is good news for users who would like to route their email from their Exchange server to an email archive, mail scanner or … Read more