Are You Utilising The Full Advantage
Of Your Clikit Email Banners?

Clikit’s Email Signature Marketing solution incorporates a host of features enabling users to optimise their everyday email communication. Very often we find that our clients are not considering all the features during the conceptualisation and design stages and thus not capitalising on all the benefits of the product.

In light of the above we thought it might be apt to highlight some banner campaign management features that we feel can add value to your email branding and marketing efforts.

Smart Banner Campaign Management

Clikit’s Intelligent Banner Management features allow organisations to activate a pool of different campaigns with individual value propositions and decide on how they are to be utilised on the organisations email flow. Every time you send an email, a banner will appear when the recipient opens the email. Banners are interactive and can link to any URL’s such as web pages, landing pages, download or even generate a pre-populated email.

Top banners or bottom banners?
Banners can be appended above the body content or below the signature layout. The choice is yours but our stats suggest that top banners are ten times more effective in terms of recipient engagements (clicks).

Top Banners or Bottom Banners

Rotational banners
Deliver a different campaign banner with every email sent. Choose which banners in the available pool of banners to associate with your emails and the system chronologically assigns a different banner each time an email is sent.

Rotational Banners

Tip: Feature each of your products or service offerings on different banners. For each email that is sent, a different value proposition is displayed.

Segment (Choose who sends which message) Different divisions or individuals within an organisation can make use of different banner campaigns which is tailored to the audience they communicate with.


Tip: Service rating banners implemented for customer support and/or service orientated staff is a great way to measure service levels and to identify/respond timeously to problem areas.

Target (Choose who receives which message)
Assign specific banner campaigns to recipient organisations (by domain) or individuals (specific email address) that you communicate with on a regular basis.



  1. Differentiate between internal communication and external communication.
  2. Every campaign banner has a corresponding keyword that can be inserted in your email subject line. By using a keyword when sending an email, senders can determine which of the current campaigns they would prefer to leverage on a per email basis.
  3. Block banner campaigns to competitors to ensure they are the last to hear about new offers.
  4. Serve targeted banner campaigns to recipients based on their previous engagement. This functionality could be used to communicate additional info about a new product in subsequent emails

Banners campaigns can be scheduled in advance for upcoming special days, public holidays, events, promotions and product launches according to specified date ranges.


Tip: Schedule banners for seasonal and festive greetings, such as Valentine’s Day, Spring Day, Christmas and New Year at the start of the year and avoid the last minute rush to implement campaigns.

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